Retro Report #42 Oct. 2014

Just arrived here at MS
Seeing Alice Cooper and Motley Crüe tomorrow night
Going to venture down to the casino and check out the sights, sounds and smells




First session:

Asian lady hovering at table next to me with 3 blacks and 3 greens
I was waiting for her to pounce on as soon as my dealer was about the deal…of course, she did and the dealer and I chuckled

Why would she sit down at a 100 table with 375? It makes no sense to me

The first hand she also bet 25 on the “match the dealer” side bet

On the first hand I was dealt a 20
Dealer blackjack

Asian lady lost first three hands and threw her empty cigarette box on the floor and walked away

The second time I was dealt a 20 the dealer also had blackjack lol

I was down about 1k midway through the shoe but made a nice recovery, including
The last hand double down 6,3 v 3
I got dealt a 9 for 18
Dealer had 3, turned over an 8 then drew a 6 for 17

Trip is +200



The atmosphere and vibe different, as compared to Vegas–it is not larger than life (although MS is a huge casino)

the high limit room blackjack tables were pretty empty but craps was packed

Entertainment as far as concerts is equal to Vegas – every big name stops at MS

Rooms are nowhere near Vegas (I do not have a suite here but have seen the suites) the rooms are very New England style – white, beige colors and country inspired design

MS has some nice restaurants but nothing like Vegas

People watching does not compare — the people watching here is like going to your local mall

My clothes are saturated with smoke and I do not even remember seeing many smokers

Just ate at Bobby’s Burger Palace (my burger was severely undercooked…food poisoning by 11pm over/under?)

Every place for dinner had a 1-2 hour wait
The BBQ joint is no longer open
They have added quite a few new stores (Robert Graham; Tiffany’s; BlueWire)

Well, if you took the under on food poisoning by 11pm you are a winner–within 30 minutes I was running up to the room to vomit repeatedly.


Ok just played a nice 90 minute session
Started out with some nice runs and was up a quick 500
However, the second 30 minutes were not as kind to me as I lost terrible hands (20 to BJ; double downs getting dealt squadoosh) — the gentlemen playing at the table certainly marched to the beat of their own drummers–sometimes standing on multi-card 16s while sometimes hitting; sometimes hitting 10,2 v 4 and sometimes not; sometimes surrendering 16 v 10 and other times hitting it; even splitting deuces v a dealer Ace)
The final 30 minutes turned around and variance was on my side

This is all I played so the trip ended pre-concert at +1050

Alice Cooper and Motley Crüe tore the place down – Rob Zombie came out to sing “School’s Out with Alice Cooper for his encore)



Motley Crüe walked through the crowd to play Home Sweet Home on a second stage to finish the show

I got a hi-5 from Tommy Lee

Cooper’s theatrics were great and he was in good voice.

Vince Neil’s voice is kind of shot and it seemed they kept his vocals lowered in the mix BUT, I was in awe that Mick Mars, with his illness, could actually get out there for 2 hours and slay it
Motley Crue definitely won the pyrotechnics battle of the night and not a dry eye in the house when they came out to play Home Sweet Home before saying gnite

I like the idea of Robb Zombie carrying on the traditions of Alice Cooper but have never really gotten into his music












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