Retro Report #41 October 2014

After a brief hiatus from Atlantic City and therefore, blackjack, I’m back!
Arrived in Vegas earlier this afternoon…been relaxing after the stress of my chosen profession lately…
Just watching some tv…going to shower and tidy myself up and eventually hit the tables this evening…
I am sure I will be somewhat rusty but, should be just like riding a bike

Wish me luck!  Heading to the GN


A summary of the first day as I am jet lagged and heading to bed…….
So I wired some front money to the casino cage and signed for it before playing … All was supposedly good
I walk over to the high limit and ask for a black chip game, with which they happily obliged me
I tell them I want chips and the lady says there is no money on file for me…
I looked quizzically at the floor person and she asked me to “stand-by”
I waited about 5 minutes before I was informed there was an “issue” and someone from the cage would be over to talk with me
After another 5 minutes the cage manager came over and asked for the cage receipt she had given me
Upon closer inspection, they had multiplied my actual cage deposit by ten and therefore had voided the transaction
Wow talk about a short-lived windfall!!! After the mixup, I took 1k in chips and began playing

The highlights from my one hour of play were as follows:

2D, DAS, DOA, H17

Played the promo chips on double downs and won the first three of those
Over the first 5 shuffles the dealer had an Ace up 5 times and nary a blackjack to be found
I was able to press on a few occasions, this worst among them being
(A)200 up dealt a 6-5 v dealer 10 — double and get dealt a 5 for a 16 — dealer only had a 17
(B)200 up dealt a 5,5 v dealer 4 — double and get a king — dealer has 4, turns over 7, draws a 2, draws a 2, draws a 6

After that I got on a couple of nice runs but became too tired to keep playing

Trip is +2000 as I head to take a walk on Fremont before bed.

Sweet dreams


I’m just getting up and getting ready for the day – I needed a long night’s sleep

Played 2D game again

Had a nice few shuffles and picked up another 1200

Trip is +3200

More interesting though was the guy leaving the table as I sat down
A dealer recognized me and said “Hey the divorce attorney is back” – so the guy leaving the table begins asking me what different Latin phrases meant – I tried to be accommodating then the floor person rolled his eyes and laughed–
It turns out the guy has been buying in for $5k CASH
playing until he is +200 then coloring in
Then, within 10 minutes, coming back and buying in for $5k cash again
Having just come from the Mob Museum I jokingly asked the floorperson of he was laundering money 
He replied that security has already checked that angle out and that it seemed that they guy merely liked coming in with the same $5k cash
I wonder how many CTR’s he will get

Is there any valid reason for doing this on his part? Higher cash buy-in for more comps?


I am enjoying a hot tea while I play since the air conditioning seems to be on overdrive

Played for about 20mins had a real bad run at first

(A) 9-2 v dealer 6 double for a 17 dealer turns over Ace and draws another 18
(B) 8,3 v dealer 6 double for 20 dealer turns over 5 and draws a Queen

Then the doubles got better:
(A) Ace, 5 v dealer 4 double for 16 dealer turns over a 3 then draws a 7 then a 10 BUST
(B) Ace, 3 v dealer 5 double for 20 dealer turns over Jack then draws a Jack BUST

Got on a nice run and climbed back to my buy-in and then a few extra
Taking a break to get a snack

Trip is +3500

Sat down for a post-snack session

Things started off horrifically – it seemed as if the dealer made 21 at will
Meanwhile, at the next table, in the span of a half-hour, the 5k guy came and went three times (I wonder what he is up too?)
My host stopped by and we BS’d for a little bit while I was playin when, lo and behold, I had climbed back to my buy-in

Trip is still +3500


Time to visit the Mob Museum

Mob Museum
This was well done – they incorporated excellent technology (the way they used four screens during the courtroom presentation was excellent – gave it a 3D effect during certain portions


Ok had a nice dinner rigatoni with meat sauce then decided to play a bit
The talk of the high limit room was still Mr. 5k who was still buying in and coloring up then coming back after cashing at cage and buying back in again (must be some new system)

I played with a nice guy and the table chemistry was good (I enjoy the social aspect)

Got run down about 1200 before I blinked my eyes including my always favorite hand–doubling down on a 9
I had 5,4 v dealer 6 with 300 up
I doubled and drew a 10
Dealer turns over a 5 and drew a 9 for 2

The next twenty minutes or so were back and forth gaining maybe 100 each shuffle
The last two SHUFFLES of the session worked out nicely and I scored another 900

Trip is +5100

Just lost every hand but a push on 17 in my first 2D shuffle
Last hand was a 6-5 v dealer 3
I got dealt a 9 for 20
Dealer turns over a 10 then draws an 8

Next shuffle had a blackjack first hand then lost all the rest but for two pushes on 20

Oooooo an uptick of 400 that shuffle

Pushed a 21 double down with 200 up

Split 7 7 7 v dealer 2 with 200 up

(A) 7, Ace
(B) 7, Q
(C ) 7, 6

Dealer has 2 turns over Ten draws an 8

1200 swing ughhhhh

Got on a mini run and went from being down 2100 for the session to only losing 800

Trip is +4300

Just had doubles on three straight hands lost each one

Pushed 3 BJ in past 2 Shuffles

Lost every hand but one in last shuffle

Switching tables

Just finished playing through a shuffle and I asked the guy playing with me at the table to wait for me while I ran to the bathroom.
I was gone 2 minutes and, upon my return, the dealer gave me an “I’m sorry” look as the guy wanted to start without me–no class

Ok caught an excellent run

Started with a blackjack followed by 200 bet
2,2 v dealer 7
Split for another 2
(A) 2 dealt 9 double draw 10 for 21
(B) 2 dealt 7 draw 9 for 18
(C ) 2 dealt 8 double draw Ace for 21

A nice 2k swing there

After that it went back and forth and I chipped away

Trip is once again +5100

Time for bed


Good morning – took a walk through the Container Park


Was up another 700 then guy at the table started playing 2 hands then 1 hand then switching back and forth

I lost 9 hands in a row

Just lost every hand in a 2d game except for two pushed
Last hand I had 20 dealer pulled 21

Just lost every hand in a 2 deck shoe
No pushes

HOWEVER, right before dinner I got into a nice rhythm and was able to recapture some of what I had lost

The trip is +3500 and I’ve just finished dinner

Ok post dinner session went back on the downswing again
Began with a rough 2D game barely staying alive as I continued to be plagued by lack of winning double downs and splits
An illustrious example was being dealt Ace-Ace v dealer 6
First Ace got dealt a 2
Second Ace got dealt a 3
Dealer turns over a 5 then draws a 6 for 17
After about 30minutes of this, I switched tables now only +2300 for the trip

Switching tables proved to be a bad idea as the female dealer I nicknamed Mizz No Personality was in perfect form ignoring all attempts at conversation and beating me the first 5 hands
I switched to a 6D game with one of my fav dealers and was rewarded with anamazing shoe
I was able to press and finally began winning doubles and splits

By the time all was said and done in the shoe I was once again +4k

Wizard and WoV mini meet’ngreet playing mini-craps (I watched)

Great guys and a lot of fun

After walking around and soaking in some atmosphere I sat down to play a little more BJ
I played through 3 shuffles of 2D and got a nice run
By the end of the 3rd shuffle I had climbed back to +5100

Calling it a night on playing but going to check out Fremont Street before heading up to Aria for the next few days

Good morning – just arrived at Aria – checking into the SkySuites and my other cousin came in today so we did some sightseeing

I am now on the strip and played two sessions today

Session 1:


Ok things started out nicely…two blackjacks to start the session on my first two hands
Almost immediately, another player sat down and took a 10k marker
He began playing 100/hand and began losing
He then ramped it up to 1k/hand and continued losing
For some reason he remarked to the floorperson that the casino was too crowded and asked that the table minimum be raised to 500
They initially said no then raised it to 300 and grandfathered me in
He made a beautiful comeback from being down about 6k all the way back to even
With his courage now up, he began betting 500/hand and proceeded to lose 8k within 10 minutes
He then began demanding the cut card and stating that “nobody knows how to cut”
Perhaps he knew best as he began getting back to his 10k marker level
He had finally reached the 10k mark and his friends joined him asking whether he wanted to grab some dinner
He said he was “on a roll” and proceeded to play 1k/hand again
Within 5 minutes he had busted out and was not to be seen again
At the end of this session for me, I was up another 2k

Session 2:

After watching my cousin play at PH ($15 1D, 6:5 game which was not clearly marked as such until he made a BJ—but, in the end, he made a few hundred), I sat down again to a 2D game and fell behind quickly, losing about 800 in the first shuffle
For the next two hours it was back and forth but by that time I had lost another 700
The dealer asked if I would mind if he cut the cards – I said “go for it” and told him I’d tip him a black chip if he got me back to the 2k level
Within 3 shuffles I was back!!!

Trip is +7k

Just played a shuffle dealer had a 10 up every hand and I was continually dealt 13 14 15 16 and busting

Ok things started to turn around winning split 8’s on two hands in a row followed in the next shuffle by winning three double downs
A few key blackjacks when pressing and I had not only recovered the 1k I had lost but picked up another 700

Trip is +7700

I went shopping then dinner then saw ZARKANA

I just played about an hour and it went from bad to good to bad to ok


Pushed 2 blackjacks
Had 3 doubles with an 11 where I was dealt an Ace
Was only able to press on 5 occasions and luckily won 4 of them

Although there are plenty of women, I believe most of them are working and basically, I am not desperate and do not sleep around

Trip is still +7700

Ok sat down for a 2D game
I had played with this dealer before but forgot how fast he dealt–not a problem keeping up but for some reason it was making me dizzy. As such, I only played three shuffles and left with what I brought in

I then took a break to watch a guy playing at a table betting 200, then 300 then, eventually, up to 3k/hand
There was also a woman at the table playing (with her husband watching) — she would hit 14 v 4, 12 v 6, double a 9 v ten or Ace—the guy betting big tried to dissuade her but she did not listen
However, it really helped the guy as he was soon up about 15k

I took a lap around the casino with my cousin and about 15 minutes later came back and the guy only had 3k left in front of him
The woman was still all over the place with both her strategy and number of hands she would play at a time…
The guy was even starting to bet on her hand but when she won she would only give the guy back his bet and not the commensurate winnings – this happened on three occasions and each time the guy had to demand to be paid the bet plus the win thereon (he eventually stopped betting on her hand)
However, by this time he was down to 1k in chips

At that point I looked for a game of my own and settled in for a 6D shoe game
The first hand started nicely with a blackjack but then I proceeded to lose quite a few doubles which dropped me to the +6900 mark
A dealer change then occurred (only putting this in there to give detail on the story)
Things got a lot better as the following three hand sequence occurred:
(A) 8-8 v dealer 7…split dealt a K then Q and dealer turned over a J
(B) 9-2 v dealer 10…double dealt a 9…dealer turned over an 8
(C ) 8-8 v dealer Ace…split dealt a 7 hit and drew a 2…second 8 drew a ten…dealer turned over a 6

By the end of the shoe I had hit a nice run

Trip is +9100

I was about to play and wanted a 100game and that guy from last night that was chastising the woman and playing on her hand sat down right before the deal and he said he wanted to leave it at 50

So I got up to leave and he starts yelling “hey buddy I play 100 thousand a hand…I mean a thousand a hand” lol


Just sat down to play a 2D game with a dealer I like
There was a nice couple at the table as well and, although the cards were bad, the socializing was good
Right about the time the dealer change occurred, I felt a tap on my shoulder UHOH
But, small world that it is I ran into some people I know from AC
We chatted as I played and as they bid me adieu, I had realized a nice run

Trip plus a dime piece

Played a mini session moments ago that was highly volatile
Win 2 lose 3 win 4 lose 6
Lose double downs win three-way splits
After the storm subsided, I was even for my buy-in

Time for a snack and Judge Judy before bed 🙂



Heading home tomorrow

Now heading to the airport:



As I was leaving, Michael Jordan was arriving – guess they traded one high roller for another LOLOL

Trip ended plus “10”

Until next time LV!!!

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