Retro Report #39 Goodbye Revel Aug. 2014


Ok – so, even though I instituted a boycott of Revel after my host was unceremoniously let go and I was then “flagged” for disputing a payout, I was invited back down by a friend there to “say goodbye” to the BIG R!

Merely because I am here does not necessarily mean I will play here–I am happy to be here to thank all the dealers and staff I have become friendly with and to wish them well–having dinner elsewhere tonight and might play elsewhere – I am not jonesing for a blackjack fix at the moment

A woman just hit on a penny machine for the jackpot $12,100

Angel management group that owns HQ and HQ day club made 32million (from the books they show Revel) last year
If only Revel had the foresight to actually own and run their nightclubs

First rumor to report on (from multiple employees)

People are saying hard rock is going to buy once closed so they can re interview and re hire people at lower hourly rate

Somehow, I was invited to a BINGO tournament (this is like the band playing on while the Titanic sank)

Just won bingo 3333.33
Full card 10k (three winners)

So I didn’t play at all last night- ran into some fellow Revel-ers and watched them play
Ultralounge was empty – I checked in there a few times throughout the night and there was a couple playing roulette and one guy playing blackjack

I did not play at all – I hung out and watched some regulars play but the boycott remained intact

Worst hand watched:

Lady playing 3 hands

she is dealt:

K, 9
A, 10

Dealer has an Ace showing

lady takes even money
I root her on stating “You got this!”

Dealer has an Ace up, turns over and Ace, draw a King….draws…………………..a………………………………………….



Another rumor I heard was that the HQ Nightclub and HQ Dayclub were trying to get some sort of exemption to remain open while Revel was closed as they have a separate boardwalk entrance. Although, where would people park—there is an empty field next door there but I don’t know who owns it and it is very deserted and dimly lit on the side of the building

Not a place I would venture.

Finally, some photos to remember Revel as it once was:

Some type of gold flake sculpture adorning the sides of the escalators

On the escalator heading to casino from hotel:

The UltraLounge a/k/a the high limit room overlooking the ocean:


Giant slot machine used in promos:



Slot machines next to Pit 2:



Slot machines closer to the main casino entrance:


DigiPit dancers:


Goodbye Revel – you will always hold a special place in my memories for the times I had therein.



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