Retro Report #38 Aug. 2014

Down in AC to see Andrew “Dice” Clay…ran into him on the escalator already with his wife – said hi and he was very affable – friendly and thanked me for coming down to see the show tonight. (yes yes I know he probably says that to everyone that says hi to him)

Played a one-shoe session – had an up and down run then won the last 3 hands

Trip is +600


GN gave me $35 in free play (I haven’t played here much at all)

Just played 4 shoes:

First shoe ended still up 600

Second shoe a gentleman joined me and he started losing so he did the usual “I’ll throw in 2 hands” bit – the dealer proceeded to get a Blackjack and a 21 on the following two hands
He then switched back to 1 hand and both he and I lost in the shoe – although he lost the 1k he bought in for and I only lost the 600 I was up

Third shoe I was playing alone and things were rocky but manageable
However towards the end it got fought
I had three hands in a row of natural 20
Unfortunately, the dealer, on those three consecutive hands, had natural blackjacks
I had not only lost the 600 I was up at this point, but another 800

Fourth shoe is where things finally got going good
I had regained, with the help of 4 doubles, the 800 I was down
It was then up and down until I was able to press

Trip is +650

Dinner time now then head to see “Dice”


Dice was entertaining – performed about 45 minutes after a female comic opened up the show – she sees to just yell fuck, clit, motherfucker etc
Dice did a lot on marriage and women these days
He did an encore of all his nursery rhymes


After the show I headed to the high limit
6 tables were open BUT 4 were RESERVED for a guy who had been playing earlier hopping between 2 tables–apparently, he wanted 4 tables at the ready so he could table hop if he didn’t feel a vibe (he was betting 500/hand earlier) but right now he is on the main floor playing craps while keeping 4 high limit blackjack games closed to the public–leaving the open 2 tables almost full

On that note, goodnight.


First hand of the day:

2,2 v 6

Hand 1: 2 dealt 2 split again

Still hand 1: 2, Q for a 12
Hand 2: 2, A double get 3 for 16
Hand 3: 2, 9 double get a 10 for 21

Dealer has 6 turns over 8 then draws an Ace then draws a 7 for a bust

However, I lost the next 5 hands in a row lol

But, end of shoe got another 350

Trip +1k


Took a break and played another shoe:

Insane hand of the shoe:

6,6 v. 5

First hand: 6, 4 doubled got a 5 for 15
Second hand: 6, 6 split
Still second hand: 6, Ace doubled got a 4 for 21
Third hand: 6, 5 doubled got a 9 for 20

Dealer has 5, turns over a 10 draws a King BUST

Played out the shoe

Trip is now +1600


Ok I took a nap and freshened up for the evening ahead…entered the high limit room to the blaring of some music – sounded like Sinatra but wasn’t him – just some big band standards 
It was precipitating from a boom box attached to an iphone
I inquired as to the who what where when why and how of this boom box and was told that a player at the craps table only plays craps if his choice of music is playing — as such, they are blasting this boom box for him
Additionally, four tables are once again reserved for Hop Along Cassidy (the high roller who jumps from table to table) in the high limit room

Between the boom box and reserved tables, I may have I venture elsewhere


Pressed 4 times in shoe I’m playing and 3 times dealer BJ and other time dealer 21

Lost back the 1600 I was up then regained 1100 of it
Taking a break

Once again 4 tables RESERVED for the one guy — apparently he is a haphazard player going from betting 50/hand to 10,000/hand out of nowhere — I assume he is not counting as I would assume that no casino would tolerate a 1 to 200 spread

So I sat down to play and I asked for the SURRENDER option and they took a vote and one guy vetoed it saying “it will mess up the flow of the cards” — I left the table – don’t people understand SURRENDER is to their advantage?!?!?!?!?

Table finally opened up
Got a couple nice runs in two shoes

Trip +2050


Ahhhh yes they finally released 1 of the 4 RESERVED tables to the unwashed masses and I was able to be the first player there and requested SURRENDER before anyone sat down (thus avoiding a vote)

I played through 3 shoes then it got crowded

I was up 2050 at that point

However, the weekend was not done for wagering as I was finally able to print some match play coupons (which totaled 45 so I had them broken down into four 10’s and one 5)
I played roulette (the match play limited me to only betting RED)—luckily, I ended up winning 50 (10chips + 10match play twice + 5chips + 5 match play)

Weekend ended +2100




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