Rant/Retro Report #37 August 2014

WOW – I have been richly rewarded for my loyalty since it opened and my black chip play almost every weekend with a generous $15 match play

First session which was a mini-session as I was interrupted by a client phone call

First hand used my match play with the dealer and pit boss laughing at the absurdity of a $15 match play coupon for me
Lost the first hand 20 to 19
Second hand I got a natural
Pressed the 150 and lost

A few nondescript hands later I was even and was dealt another natural
I left it up and won
Then got a phone call I couldn’t refuse

Trip is +300

I found out some hosts were just terminated last night, including mine – guess the management wanted to make sure they brought their players in for the weekend


Just played two shoes

Shoe one was not fun

Lost 6 of 8 hands at one point
Another player berated my following play to his friend (under his breath):
He had 1k up and was dealt a 7,4 v dealer 6
He doubled and got a 7 for 18
I had 6,6 and I split
Got another 6
Hand 1: 6,8
Hand 2: 6,10
Hand 3: 6,10

Dealer had 6…turned over a King then drew a 3 for 19

He slammed his fist on the table then repeatedly stated to his friend that splitting 6’s is never the right play and that I took the tens from the dealer

Trip is still +300


Played 4 shoes up and down
Show #5 lost 16 of first 19 hands with 2 pushes and 1 win
Guy at table would not split 9,9 v dealer 8 (and no I am
Not saying it affected me—a post earlier wanted to hear of bad plays)
Trip is -1700


Dealer just made 5 blackjacks in half a shoe
I luckily won 3 doubles

Trip -2200

Got 500 back

A dealer I am friendly with said “I always give you 500”. Not sure f it was a hustle but I reminded him of a few weeks ago where he took 4k and he laughed saying he didn’t remember

Just played a shoe lost every hand except for 4 pushes and 2 wins

Trip now -3200

Got 500 back
Now -2700

But better story from a friend who is at a Maryland casino and just text me this story about a guy at his table:

A guy buys in here at $100 table with $400. First bet is $150 and he loses. Bets $200 next hand and pushes 18. Bets $250 next hand and wins. Has played at least 15 more hands and hasn’t lost or pushed and kept pressing his bet. Now has about 12k in front of him. 

UPDATE — guy cashed out with 20k

Played a mini-session and got another 300 back
Trip -2400

Going to grab a shower and then eat dinner

Also trying to use all my comp points as who knows if they will still be valid this time next week


Just played another shoe — lost 2k therein

Trip is -4700

Rapidly approaching TILT



Officially done with this place (unless the new owners woo me back)
So I bought in for 3k and thought I won 250. I pocketed the chips after coloring them in and took a stroll. Upon returning to play I saw I did not have 3250 in chips but only 2850. As I looked upon the chips quizzically while attempting to retrace my steps to determine if I had dropped a chip somewhere, was paid incorrectly or miscounted my chips when I colored in, a big boss I friendly with asked if everything was ok. I told him about my chip miscalculation and he offered to run the tape and show me stills. I told him that would be great. Upon review, they stated I was paid correctly and I thanked him for looking into it and stated I must have miscounted my chips. I then sat down and played a little and got back another 150 and, when I colors in, the floor person made this whole production of counting all the chips out loud for me so I laughed and asked if they were joking and they said no. They then told me I had been previously flagged in the system as a player who disputes payouts – WTF?!? Why tell me this now?  The only other time I questioned chips colored in was the first week they were open. So basically, I’ve been flagged for 3 years???

It just made no sense to me…

My host was fired Thursday night
I have almost double the tier points needed for my Black card (even have enough for their secret “Radiance” level card (although by invite only and I have heard there are less than 10 people that were ever invited and I have no idea what perks come with it))
The new owners can either entice me back or I will play elsewhere
I have been one of their most loyal players and this type of customer service is exactly why they are in the position they are in
I’m going to take my gambling business elsewhere – I’ve never heard of such a thing (although Revel will be out of business in about 2 weeks anyway)






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