Retro Report #36 July 2014

Back to my usual Atlantic City stomping grounds…
Tournament this evening (and I do not expect to be DQ’d therefrom)
I’m going to have an early dinner then probably play a bit before the tournament. I’m too hungry to play right now.

OK insane day/evening:

I played one shoe prior to dinner and the tournament and picked up a quick +800

Then, at dinner, my phone would not stop ringing…a client emergency occurred…her husband hit her after she threw a pen at him from across the room…upon the cops showing up at the scene they informed her that “SHE assaulted him with a WEAPON” and asked him if he wanted her arrested. Meanwhile, they said the remnant of the handprint on her from him was sufficiently faded that he had not likely hit her to a degree warranting arrest!!!

This whole situation took about an hour on the phone and, true to form, the cops did nothing to assist a woman hit by a man.

I played the tournament and won the first hand…and that was the only hand I won – I was summarily dismissed

Finally, sat down to play some more and was up and down for the first shoe and a half, hovering around still being +800
However, the blackjack gods would not smile over the next two shoes…
I would lose 5 doubles and 3 splits
After three shoes, I had lost the 800 I was up plus another 600
After the fourth shoe, I had lost another 500—now being down for the trip 1100
The fifth shoe would bring a very nice comeback for me, I was able to press and win some key doubles
After an eventful day, I am even

Sweet dreams


Just lost first 12 hands (plus 2 doubles therein) with independent verification from table mates and pit
In total lost 23 of 32 hands in the shoe

Down 1200

Bought in for another 1100
Lost 11 of 12 hands pushed 1 of 12

They switched dealers right at the shuffle as always

Ok gathered my thoughts and played through two shoes and regained 800
Would’ve been 1k but the last hand I had 17 and dealer had 6 up then 10 then drew a 2

Trip is -1400

Time for dinner

Some Indian guy kept staring at me and eventually asked a pit boss to ask me to be quiet but he told the pit boss not to tell me
Then he turned around and stares at me again – be a man and tell me to be quiet if you feel I should be quiet!
F him!!!

Later on…
Had split 8 8 8 and lost all three
Three hands later got 8 8 8 again lost all three
Switched tables and got it back

Trip -1150

I’m calling it a night got 1700 of 2200 back

Just watched a guy hit hard 17 versus dealer Jack–he was dealt a 4 (of course)–the dealer has the Jack, flips over a 3 then draws an 8 (of course).


Same guy splitting 4 4 versus 8
Same guy doubling 5 3 versus dealer 7
Same guy splitting 7 7 versus dealer King


My trip ended -500

Some high limit a slot player got roofied by a hooker and had 36k stolen from his room from said hooker










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