Retro Report #34 June 2014

I took a couple of weeks off after the Vegas Memorial Day trip…regrouped mentally and back for more


So I arrived in AC
Dealer shuffles and is immediately tapped out
I lost the first 7 hands
Won 2 in a row
Then the dealer made a 19, 20 or BJ the next 6 hands

Trip already -1500

Took a break and bought back in

played with 2 other gentlemen at the table
between the two of them, they were dealt 5 blackjacks

However, the dealer had 3 blackjacks of his own

The lowlight was the following (last hand of the shoe):

Me: KK
Player 2: 10,J
Player 3: 10, Q

Dealer: 5, 4, 3, 2, 7
(but, it did happen and I put it in my notes since it was the end of the shoe – but, the 3 seconds it took me to get my phone out to write a note could have render my memory useless)

The two gentlemen left and the downswing continued until about halfway into the next shoe where I w as finally able to make a run and get my buy-in back

Trip still -1500

side note which I am sure I will be lambasted for———I slammed my fist on the table at one point after losing to yet another dealer 21 when I had 20 and security came over and informed me that another outburst like that and I would be asked to leave LOL


Last hand of shoe I had 20 with 500 up
Dealer has 7 showing
Turn over 3
Then Ace

I was only down 1k but this turned it back into -1500



Played this morning – YUCK!
Dealer had 3 blackjacks in first 4 hands (father and son playing at my table said dealer got 3 in a row to start shoe last night when they were at Borgata)
We quickly got destroyed in the first shoe…

At this point I was still down 2k

I took a break and had some breakfast

Went back in and had a nice SC and made 1k back

Had to make some phone calls and actually fell asleep – it was a nice nap

Took a walk outside and got some fresh air and some sun

Played a mini-session that was interrupted by a client emergency but I had gotten 600 more back

Took dad out for Father’s day with my mom but, prior to that, while waiting for them to arrive, sat and got the other 600 back

So, after dinner, I am now even – going to ready myself for the evening ahead


Just sat down even and it was 8:05 so there should be no dealer switch and I even asked the dealer if she was leaving on a break soon
She said no and shuffled
As soon as she was about to deal the cards she gets a tap on the shoulder for a break
So the dealer turned to the other dealer and told her she is not set for a break
Yet–I said if they are switching dealers on me and it’s not even a break then I am punching table–so the pit boss tells the second dealer to go check the schedule–I said when they did this to me yeaterday the dealer got blackjacks the first three of four hands and I started to color up–pit boss asks if I want to play with the dealer who shuffled until it is straightened out—so I said yeah but now that I said if u change dealers it’s an automatic blackjack I guarantee I’m going to screw myself over and this dealer will get a blackjack—of course first hand dealer has an Ace up BAM! Blackjack ughhhh
Ok so next hand I win and then I win a double THEN the other dealer comes in so I left
Never heard of dealers coming in on weird times like that it’s usually like 8, 8:20 and 8:40
So I’m actually up 200 now lol

Won a couple more hands…
Trip is +400

However, this whole switching dealers on off time immediately before the first card is dealt seems strange to me


End of weekend summary:

A dealer buddy of mine just got back from Vegas and found out SLS did not hire him. Additionally, a host I know in Vegas turned down SLS for Maryland Live.

Ok, back to blackjack

So I was up 400 and sat down to play but I was growing tired…
As seems par for the course, the dealer won the first 4 hands and I was quickly only even again
There was, finally, some back and forth
All of a sudden some lady comes up and plants a sloppy kiss on my cheek–she said I was “sexy” and couldn’t resist giving me a “good luck smooch” lol
She disappeared as quickly as she appeared and the game moved on
Apparently, “Morgana’s” smoocheroo worked…
I went on a nice run and by the end of the shoe I was up 1k

Feeling tired and finally ahead, I grabbed a snack and called it a night

Trip +1k





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