Retro Report #33 Memorial Day 2014

Memorial Day weekend…here we go again

Good morning and welcome aboard the nonstop to Vegas
Just at airport waiting at the gate here in rainy NY

So, upon landing in Vegas, I turn on my phone and already have two messages from a new client with an “emergency”.

Golden Nugget sends a limo for my first trip there – very nice

I am all checked in and ready to play some cards

Uh-oh Houston–we have a problem–EVERY TABLE AT GN HITS SOFT 17

Just spoke to a party pit dealer at GNLV who informed me EVERY blackjack table in Vegas is H17 — when I told her she was wrong she said that I must not play that often — hmmmm ok


After some smelling salts, I got into the Vegas spirit and decided to play some cards

Session 1:

Sat down to play 2d
Played my usual 100-200/hand

Guy to my left won about 80% of his hands over the course of an hour
I lost every hand the first shuffle and within 4 shuffles was down 2k

Took the better part of the last 30mins to gain it all back
The floor person told me to double a 12 v 7 saying he had a feeling )of course I didn’t and of course I won the hand lol)

Back to even now and taking a dinner break

Trip is Even

I had some dinner and the played some more
I started out nicely with a mini-run up about 1500…then the roof caved in

at one point I lost every single hand in a shuffle of 2d
Then sat at a table with a guy who was apparently drinking heavily and decided to double. 6,3 v dealer 7 (despite his asking the dealer and me if the book says to double)
He pulled a 4
I had my double at this time…an 8,3 v the dealer 7
I double and get a 4
Of court the dealer has an ace under for 18
On the next hand the first card out was a ten, which would have allowed me to win my double

I switched tables at this point and, right as I was about to play guess who wanders over and was “I gotta play with my partna'”
Countless bad decisions and I move again…again he follows me
I was down about 4800 at this point and he finally left
I ended up getting a mini-run back up to 2k but was exhausted and called it a night

Going to bed after a loooooong night of playing blackjack and witnessing a drunk patron throw a station at a bartender

Good morning

This morning I played one shuffle of 2d and picked up 600
Now having a protein bar and going to play some more

Trip is -2400


Sat down to play still down 2400

Started with a blackjack and was able to capitalize on it with a second one to follow

A woman next to me was playing 1k/hand and was winning and winning
Guy at third base was still remaining from last night when I was playing at 3am and had still not gone to bed

In that shuffle I got another 500 back

A few shuffles of up and down and I then hit a nice shuffle where I was dealt 4 doubles in the shuffle and won each one
That gave me another 1k

Trip is now -900


an aside

So I was sightseeing on Fremont Street to get the full downtown experience

Upon walking towards the “Mermaids” casino one of the girls dressed like Carmen Miranda approached and asked if she could lei/lay me (as I did not see any leis I looked at her quizzically) — she said well, really I will bead you but lei/lay is more fun to say
I asked if I had to flash her to earn the beads and she informed me that it was not required but that if I returned at 6pm when she was getting off her shift we could make other arrangements to earn the beads

Lol gotta love it


Just lost  or pushed every hand in the shuffle on 6 of 8 shuffles of double deck

Every single hand I pressed the dealer had an Ace showing (not exaggerating–roll back the tape and it will be shown as true)

Trip is -5k

I stopped my sulking and headed back to the tables

The first couple of shuffles and I had regained a whopping 400
However…all was not to be rosy as I hit another downturn
Of course, the others at the table were enjoying multiple blackjacks and winning double downs while I endured losing the 400 then another 1k
Including the following:

I had 200 up
Dealt an 8,8 v dealer 6
Split got another 8
First 8: 10 for 18
Second 8: 3 then double dealt a 9 for 20
Third 8: Ace for 19

Dealer has 6 turns over 8…then Ace…Ace…5 for 21

However, by the beard of Zeuss I hit some positive variance and was able to press and regain the 1k plus another 1k

Trip now -4k


Just played first shuffle of the day
Told the dealer every time I pressed yesterday dealer got 21
He said no way
I pressed and he pulled a 3 card 21 then I lost 8 in a row

Just lost 5 out of 6 double downs, including:

I had 500 up got a 6,5 v 3
Doubled got. 9 for 20

Dealer has 3 turns over 2…then 2…then 2…then 4…then Ace…then 7 for 21

Trip is once again -5k

Sometimes it feels as if the casino has David Copperfield dealing the cards using sleight of hand to ensure the dealer always gets the card they need or:





Took a brief respite and gathered my thoughts – let’s get this back

just played four shuffles of double deck and regained 1k hit for 550
Taking a break
Going to try my tried and true technique of getting back to even via several little wins

Trip -4k


Lol walked down Fremont and the Mermaids girl called out to me asking why I didn’t come back at the end of her shift yesterday


In other news…just played 2 shuffles for another 500
Trip is now -3500


Sat down to play some more on my quest for getting back to even and a guy refused to hit his 12 v 2
I had split 3 3
Got 7 doubled for 18
Second three got 10 for 13
If he hits the 12 dealer breaks

Third guy at table asks me and “no hit 12 guy” whether he should split 77 v 2
I say yes
No hit 12 guy says NEVER

third guy listens to “no hit 12 guy”
We all would’ve won if he had played it right

I left the table I couldn’t deal with it

That guys ridiculous play and horrific advice annoyed me too much
Cost me 1k swing
(And yes I know over one billion hands it’s meaningless I am venting though)

Played one shuffle at new table got 500

Just ended a session with 3 naturals in a row
Got another 75bucks lol

Trip is -2925

I was back another 400 and had a 20
Dealer went 6, 10…5
I then lost the next 7 hands

After all was said and done through 3 shuffles…I had regained another 550

Trip is -2450


Just picked up another 500 followed by a “disagreement” with a pit boss who informed me I should not have hit my 10,2 v 4
I told him it is a composition dependent hit
He said he was barred from the El Cortez 10 years ago and he knows all there is to know about blackjack and card counting as his doctoral thesis was on the mathematics of card counting

He then said the Wizard of Odds agrees with him

I told him to have a good night and switched pits where I regained another 500

Trip is -1500

Just split 9 9 9
Got 14 15 16

Dealer had 3 5 3 3 3
Then lost 4 doubles

Then pushed a hand

Then lost 3 doubles

Trip is now again -3k

Got a quick 2300 back in 3 shuffles of double deck
Trip -700

Crazy roller coaster!!!


Buenos dias. Today is the day I switch over to the Aria — let’s see if we can’t get something going there

Last session before heading to Aria:

Just had a double that would’ve completed the comeback BUT NOOOOOOOOO
why should I win that one or any of the next 5 hands
Geez can I catch a break at all

I’m raging

Trip is yet again -1k but not so bad considering how much I’ve played – would have been so nice to win that hand and head to the Strip even



So I am all checked in and was just about to head to the Forum Shops to get a pair of jeans but, ended up talking with a dealer I am friendly with and decided to buy-in and play…

Just lost 9 double downs in 20 minutes
Then a guy comes in midshoe and gets a blackjack and yells out “PERFECT TIMING”


Trip is now -2200

Taking a break to go to the Forum Shops now – but, I won’t treat myself to the new jeans I wanted until I get back to even

OK – all showered and refreshed and ready to play some more blackjack:


Well well well:

Dealer just pulled

Trip is -3k

Switched tables:

Started a new shoe she gets

I had a 65 double I get a 9 for 20
She goes 6 5 3 7
Trip is -3400

switched tables won 5 hands in the entire shoe
Trip is -4150 approaching tilt

I had 500 up I had 20

Guy next to me has 12 dealer has 2 showing he refuses to hit
Dealer turns over 10 for 12 then hits for a 9 BAM 21
Next card out was a 10 dealer would’ve busted
Down 5k

Dealer started shoe just now with
I walked away
Trip is -5400

Just lost EVERY SINGLE HAND in a 2d game
Trip is -7k

Dealer just made 5 twenty-ones in a row
Trip -8k

I am going to lose my mind


Dealer just got 5 blackjacks in half a 6deck shoe – then, I finally won 3 hands in a row so I pressed to 200
Got 9,9,9
Then 2 K 2
On the doubles I got 7 and 8
So my hands were
18 19 19

Dealer has 4 turns over 7 then 10 for 21


I am going to have a breakdown – I feel like I am not in my body


I am down 9k and can neither mentally nor emotionally handle any more playing tonight – I am going to watch television and see if I can regroup and try again mañana


Good morning everyone

Last night, I went on tilt and my play decisions and bet amount decisions were being filtered through my emotional state

I am feeling refreshed and focused and plan on enjoying my vacation and regaining at least some of the losses back.


morning session:

Was up 400
Dealer then got 4 bj in a 2d game and I lost 4 dbls
Dealer just made 6 twenty ones in a row
Switched tables dealer first 5 hands were 21
Won the first 5 hands at new table then the first hand I press is dealer bj lol
Down another 2k at this point

Switched tables again and in four shuffles of 2d got it back plus 2100
Trip is now -6900


Dealer just made 6 twenty ones in a row
Guy jumps in midshoe for 3 hands I lose all three and next 5 after
I had 500 up and got 20 dealer pulls a 9 card 21
I switched tables won 5 in a row a guy walking by says “I’m getting in on that” he wins next 4 I lose all 4
I am so out of my game
Just doubled ace 6 v dealer 4 I get a 3 for 20
Dealer goes 4 4 5 ace ace 6
Split aces v dealer 5
She goes 5 5 3 7
But I got a ten on each YAY!!!
Just lost two more doubles
Just lost 7 doubles
Just lost 3 splits and a double
I’m now down 10k

Honestly how is it possible for every dealer at every table I play at to make every hand against me and for me to lose 99% of my doubles…?!?!?!? It makes no fng sense
I feel like I just got hit by a bus.


Ok played 2 shoes of 6D
Guy next to me jumped in mid-shoe playing 500-1k/hand each time the dealer was shuffling his Reserved 2D game

After two shoes I had won 400 lol

Could there be a comeback in the works?

Got another 550 back then dealer says let’s see why would’ve happened next hand I said no and he did it anyway of course I would’ve won

Trip -9450


Shower and dinner break:

I am sitting down to a nice filet mignon with truffle mashed potatoes:


I am going to bed -12

“Highlights” of the evening:

Losing 15 hands in a row
An older lady refusing to hit any 12-16 but then hitting 17 against a dealer 7 because “I need at least an 18 to beat the dealer on this one”—and then not understanding what doubling down meant

Going to sleep with high hopes for daybreak

If there is any little solace in this, it is that this places me at even steven for blackjack for 2014.


Well, I am about to cease all play for the trip…not only did I lose the 12k I was up for 2014 (to this point) but an additional 3k on top of that, therefore, I’v lost 15k this trip.  I just asked my host for 10% back in free play and was denied without thought

While it is true down 3k for the year is nothing but the total trip loss itself — and the way in which it was lost (with dealer’s pulling 21s almost at will and most of the time when I had doubles, splits or my own 20s) makes it a tough pill to swallow


Happy Memorial Day everyone!

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