Retro Report #31 March 2014

Arrived in AC for the weekend…here we go

Played half a shoe to get my feet wet
Pushed twice on 21 of course


Sat down to play after relaxing a bit

Won the first hand of the shoe on a 6,5 double v dealer 10…dealer had a Queen underneath for 20 but I had a Jack for 21…
However…the next 8 hands went southward from there…at that point, instead of being up 700, I was down 100…

All was not lost as I proceeded to get 3 blackjacks and pressed such that by the end up the shoe, I had gained another 1k

Trip is +1500


Just sat down to play
I was up quickly upanother 350…I pressed and put 150 up …of course it was a split with a double on each
8,8 v dealer Ace

Hand 1: 8 dealt 3 double get a 7 for 18
Hand 2: 8 dealt 3 double get a 5 for 16

Dealer has Ace turns over a 9 for 20

I ended up losing 600 there then lost the last 8 hands in a row so at that point had 400 left of the 1850 I was up…

Shuffle and dealer change brought a complete turnaround…

Dealt 3 blackjacks in the first 10 hands…was finally able to press…about halfway through the show I had made a nice run

Trip is +2k

Just was watching a guy play he had 7000 up and got Ace Ace versus dealer 3
He splits he has 14k total.up…
Gets a 9 on the first Ace for 20 and gets a King on the second Ace for 21…
Dealer has 3…flips over a 7…then deals himself an Ace for 21


Ok had a mini session of about 10 hands…won a quick 500
Trip ended +2500

But then ran into a buddy of mine…he plays 8D H17 at 50min

He was on a rollercoaster…he bought in for 1300 in green and proceeded to build it up to 3k…then all the way down to 100…then, in the course of one shoe he sent it in and kicked some ass
Had 3 blackjacks in a row at one point…pressing his bet up to about 800…all in green like a leaning tower of Pisa…at the end of the run he was up to 7600 in chips…he stated he would leave if he lost 3 hands in a row…that came sooner rather than later and he cashed out with 7400 from a 1300 buy in…well done for him





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