Retro Report #29 Jan 2014

Arrived at Revel for their $1million dollar blackjack “Challenge”

Sat down to play and was quickly ahead 700

However, even though the SC was good, the dealer ended up with the good cards and I quickly lost the 700 back and then some
After the first shoe, I was down 300

Second shoe began and the SC went up again…by midway through the shoe I was up 700 again

Nothing really to speak of in terms of crazy hands…just good cards

Trip is +700

After dinner some friends and I headed over to the Taj

Upon our return to the Revel, I only played one shoe

But, what a nice shoe it turned out to be
Without drama or ceremony  I was able to get some bets out
Won 1k on the shoe and went to bed

Trip (at that point) was +2k

Went to bed and woke up ready for the blackjack “Challenge”

The Revel was jam packed for the $1mil “blackjack” giveaway…which went as follows:

100 people were drawn, each winning $100
(I was one of these winners)
From those 100 winners, 7 were chosen to be dealt one hand of blackjack (the hand would not be played)
If your hand was a natural blackjack, you won $10k
If your hand was a spaded natural blackjack, you won $100k
If you were dealt 7,7,7 you won $1mil

I was not one of the seven drawn
The hand was dealt and one guy got a natural (non-spaded blackjack), thus winning $10k

I then went over to watch the invite only BJ tournament ($250k credit line or aggregate $250k loss in 2013)
The final table came down to the last hand…
Player 1 had $181,500
Player 2 had $181,500
Player 3 had $136,000

The final wager was secret

Player 1 was dealt a 9, 5
Player 2 dealt an 8, 4
Player 3 dealt a 3, 9
Dealer showing a 4
Player 1 stayed
Player 2 stayed
Player 3 basically had to hit and hope he beat the dealer but that the dealer didn’t bust, while at the same time beating players 1 and 2

Well, Player 3 hit his 3, 9 and was dealt a 2 for 14…he hit again and got a 6 for 20
the dealer had a 4, turned over a 7 then drew a 6 for 17
Player 3 did it
He won $200k cash and 2 Rolex (his and hers) watches

Later, I ventured into the high limit area and noticed a guy at a reserved table playing a green chip…
I asked a supervisor how he could have a reserved table playing $25…the supervisor said I should continue to watch…
About 2 shoes later…BAM!!! The guy rolls in 10 gray chips into the circle…a $50k bet
They said he does this everywhere and is not a counter (or so they say)
Talk about a bet spread lol

Another idiotic thing happened when watching a friend of mine play and a woman at the table inquired as to whether she should double her 3,6 versus a dealer 4
An egotistical young man at the table yelled out “NO WAY! That is only a double versus a 5 or 6”. My friend, who is a good player, said it is a double on a 6D game against 3 through 6. His nephew had a basic strategy card and my friend showed it to the young man ho flicked it away as he stated “How do I know you guys didn’t just print this up a minute ago?” (I find his reasoning flawed in that statement on many levels)…then, his friend opened up Google on his phone and showed him…the friend, still sticking to his guns, announced…”I don’t care what it says, I guarantee I am right”…everyone at the table laughed and this guy did not seem at all dejected…he actually seemed more defiant—idiot!

I eventually played and I must say finally had a nice, easy session wherein there was little to no drama and I was able to win another 1k

That 1k, coupled with the 2k I had already won, put me back to being +500 for the year
If I add in the $100 raffle win, I am up 600 for the year

Trip ended +3100



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