Retro Report #28 Jan. 2014

After a successful premiere event last night for “Divorce Corp.” last night in Manhattan, I made my way through the rain and fog of NY just in time for the rain and fog in AC…

First session:

I won the first hand! YAY!!!
Pushed the next two
Lost the next 6
Won 3
Lost 3 doubles
But, at the end of the shoe was only down 500

The second shoe started with the dealer bobbing and weaving her way to 5 straight wins…all by 1
Dealer change…card burned
Massacre continued
by the end of this shoe I was down another 300

Third shoe began, finally, in my favor
I won a double down 6,5, Ace versus dealer 9, 7, King

An eruption of applause occurred (albeit it not at my table but all the other dealers (most were watching the table next to mine))—apparently, the player had an orange chip in the betting circle and purple out for the dealer…he was dealt 8,8 versus dealer 6 and split…for another 8 (putting up another orange and another purple for the dealer)…on his first 8 of three 8’s he received, yup, a 2…he doubled putting out another orange and yes, another purple for the dealer…he got the 10 for 21…on the second 8 of the three 8’s he was dealt, here we go again, a 2…he doubled putting out another orange and :gulp: another purple for the dealer…he was dealt a 7 for 17…on the final 8, of course he was dealt a 3…he doubled putting out another orange and yet another purple for the dealer…he was dealt a Queen for 21…….the dealer had a 6, turned over a 10…then drew a 9 for 25…the guy made 6k and the dealers made 3k very nicely done!

ok , getting back to my boring black chip play…by the end of the third shoe I had regained 200 and so was down 600 at this point

Fourth shoe was merciful in the beginning but, as it progressed, became merciless…
I would end up losing 4 double downs in the last 6 hands of the shoe…
Down 1400 at this point with a 1500 buy-in

Fifth shoe…won the first 3 hands and Speed Count became NICE…and I actually received the cards commensurate with the SC
Midway through the shoe I was back to within one black chip of being even with the buy-in…however, a lost double and bad run of variance served the casino well…
After this shoe, I was once again down 1400

Sixth shoe…the shoe started with a split so I had to buy-in again in order to capitalize thereon
It worked out well as I won the split…then won 3 more doubles…things were looking up (or would I merely just get to within one chip again only to see my stack diminish?)
I waited patiently for the SC to curry its favor on me—which it did…
I was dealt 3 blackjacks and was finally able to press it up…
Once again, with about three hands left in the shoe, I was within one chip of being even
The last three hands went this way…
Dealer 20…beats my 19
Dealer 17…I busted
I was dealt 2,2 versus dealer 3
Split the deuces
First 2 dealt 4…hit draw a 10 for 14
Second 2 dealt 6…hit draw a 9 for 17
Dealer has 3, turns over an 8 ughhhhhhh…then draws a 5…then draws a

Back to even after a crazy few shoes

Taking a dinner break

Trip is EVEN


Just lost or pushed every single hand in a shoe including 6 doubles and 2 splits
Lost 4500

Seems like a rigged game when the dealer pulls the card they need to win by 1 on 90% of the hands and has a blackjack the other 10%


Ok after last night’s raging and venting to anyone who would listen, I awoke with a calm demeanor and proceeded to play…

Shoe 1 was up and down…nothing to write home about…
Although I will say that doubling down with a 9 usually brings out a dealer 21 lol

Shoe 2 started out nicely with a blackjack and within 10 hands the SC was good and I was able to press such that by shoe’s end I had won 850

I then took a lumch break…

Post lunch shoe was dynamite
Started winning my doubles and splits for a change…
Had 300 up and dealt an 8, 3 versus dealer 4…doubled and dealt the 10 for 21…the dealer made it interesting by pulling a 4 card 20
By shoe’s end I had another 750

Regained 1600/4500 thus far

Trip ended -2900






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