Retro Report #27 NYE 2013

I am dutifully packing my items for the forthcoming trip to AC tomorrow. A cold and rainy day here in NY (as any of you who watched the Giants/Redskins season ender already know (and yes, I know they play in NJ but the weather was the same)). I am wondering if there will be many people in AC tomorrow as I would presume they will likely arrive on NYE instead of NYE Eve…anyone there already? sodawater? chaunceyb3? EvenBob (lol)

My goal is to have a good time and continue the positive variance from the Vegas trip of last week.


all checked in and just had dinner – but, prior to that I played for about 2 ½ hours.

Sat down at a 6D game 25min (but I played usual black chip)

The shoe started out nicely with a blackjack and 3 double downs in the first half of the shoe…at this point I was up ~700
Then the other half of the shoe dropped and I proceeded to lose 13 hands in a row with my lowest hand total being a 19…
i.e. I was dealt a natural 20 but, alas, the dealer had a blackjack
then I was dealt an Ace, 5 against a dealer 5, I doubled and was dealt a 4…too bad the dealer had a 4 under and drew an Ace for 21
more of the same happened for those 12 hands so I proceeded to switch tables…
I jokingly asked the dealer if he would treat me better than losing 13 hands in a row

Of course, he obliged me by only winning the first 12 hands (wherein, yet again, I had no total less than 18 on all the hands)
I then switched tables again…at this point down 2k

After some back and forth for about 4 shoes, I finally hit a nice run and won all the 2k back (I then took a dinner break)
So, for 2 ½ hours of play time, I am even

Just had dinner—taking a few minutes respite then heading back down to the casino floor.

Trip is Even


OK played an after-dinner session:

I started even and quickly got down 500.
First hand of the shoe I was dealt 8,8 versus dealer 8
I split and received a 9 on the first 8 for 17 and a 10 on the second 8 for an 18
Dealer flips over an Ace YUCK

Second hand of the shoe I was dealt a 5,6 versus dealer 10
I doubled and dealt a 7 for 18
Dealer turns over a 3 for 13 then draws a 6 for 19

(see I keep losing by one with good hands (yes yes I know 18 is not really a gooooood hand but it is not bad)

By the end of the shoe I Was down 800

Took a mini-break to watch some friends play at a 25 table…mid-shoe a well-dressed but obviously three sheets to the wind guy (who looked like “The Most Interesting Man in the World”) slams about 400 in greens onto the table and points his finger at the dealer and says to her “YOU’RE MINE!!!” – he proceeded to throw up a mess a greens totaling about 175 on the first hand and wins—he then drops down to one green and wins—then up to 4 greens and wins—the dealer then gets a blackjack with this guy having 3 greens up—he becomes irate and screams that he “can’t take it anymore” while grabbing all his chips and storming off…an interesting diversion to say the least

I sat down for another shoe at a 100min. table…things were nice from the start
1st hand blackjack
2nd hand blackjack
hands 3 through ½ shoe were back and forth but by this time I had the 800 I was down back on my side of the table…

I then got into a a couple of hands in my favor:
3,3 versus dealer 5…split the 3’s
first 3 got a 4 then dealt a 9 for a 16
second 3 I got an 8 dealt a 6 for a 17
dealer had 5, flips over a 10 then busts with a King

By the end of the shoe I was up 500

Trip is +500


Began the day +500…

Sat down to what I thought would be a leisurely pre-breakfast shoe…
First hand was dealt a 9,9 versus dealer 9…I split and dealt another 9
First 9 dealt a 2, doubled down and dealt an Ace
Second 9 dealt a 10 for 19
Third 9 dealt an 8 for 17
Dealer turned over an Ace for 20
Lost 400 on the first hand

The second hand did not fare much better
Dealt a 6,5 versus dealer 10
Dealt a 7 for 18
Dealer, of course, had a 20
Lost 200 on second hand

I decided to switch tables just because

The first few hands were back and forth, then the dealer’s assault on my chip stack began
I had no pat hands – I kept having to take hits and it didn’t matter what the dealer had as they were showing an Ace or face every hand
I had lost another 900 this shoe

I switched tables again…this time instead of starting +500 I was negative 1k
Things went from bad to worse as the Speed Count got good but the dealer was the one who ended up with the face cards
Lost 800 this shoe

A buddy of mine sat down and we wished one another luck…
He stayed even for the shoe and I lost another 600

It was round about this time that I thought of Bob sitting gleefully behind his computer screen cheering on the bad luck to others as his New Year joy

The beatings continued over the course of the next three shoes losing another 600 during that time

At this point in the late afternoon I was now down 3k

down…but not out

Sat down ready for bear and began making some key doubles and splits and, within ½ shoe, I had already regained 1k
I took a break for a late lunch (Italian sausage and bread)

Began playing again with a lovely Jamaican woman who informed me she was currently down 15k since Saturday
I wished her well and we began playing
I got two blackjack’s out of the gate…won a double…won a split…up and down and back up again and by the end of the shoe I had regained another 1k

Into each life a little rain must fall and the next shoe was not so kind as I lost 500 back

The sun began to shine again as I had a good Speed Count and this time the face cards came my way and I was able to press it
By the end of the shoe I had regained another 2300

So, as I get ready for the gala NYE event…I regained 2800 of the 3k I was down

Trip is now -200


The NYE party was great—they held it in Ovation Hall and the theme was “Winter Wonderland”…everything decorated in white with beautiful table decorations. My parents, some fellow gambler friends and other strangers who then became friends were all at the table.

Surf and turf followed by chocolate lava cake YUM YUM YUM

I left the gala around 11pm just in time to play 1 shoe and get all the way back to even for the trip before the clock struck 12midnight

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!

Trip is now even

play resumes again in the morning


Here we go, New Year’s Day:

2014 welcomed me by kicking my ass

Shoe 1:

I lost so fast I almost got whiplash
Negative 1k

Shoe 2:

This one only went half as fast but with similar results
Negative 900

Break time to collect my thoughts and curse EvenBob

Shoe 3:

Does anything go right for me at the game of blackjack?
8,3 double down versus dealer 3…draw the Ace…lose to 17

Split 2,2 versus dealer 6…dealt another 2…re-split…dealt another deuce
(plenty of faces to come)
First 2 draw a 7…double down get another 7 FUN FUN FUN
Second 2 draw a 9…double down get a 4 EVEN MORE FUN
Third 2 draw a 5…hit and get a 9 Ughhhhhhhh
Fourth 2 draw a 3…hit and get a King GREAT, here come the 10’s

Of course, with all the low cards out there, the dealer joined in the fun by having a 3 underneath…she then drew a Queen for 18, thereby wiping me out on that hand
I thought the faces would come out in my favor with all the lows and the Speed Count going well so I pressed and, as seemed to be the case in 2014 up until then, the dealer was the only beneficiary of the positive count
I lost 1200 that shoe

At this point in the late afternoon…I was now down 3100

Dinner break/mental health break

Waited for the 8pm shift to begin and began playing again…

So, when the 8pm shift entered the casino to take their stations at the blackjack tables, I was down 3100…what was to come in the year 2014…2013 was positive, would 2014 continue in the negative as it already was…?

I sit down at a 100min. 6D table (now, it seems to me that I get rated better when I sit at a 100min. table than when I sit at a 25min. table—even though I buy in for all black chips—is this just my paranoia?)

My stop loss at this point was 4k (so, I bought in for my last 900 I was willing to risk on this trip)

Shoe 1:

ho-hum nothing to write home about other than winning 200 by the end of the shoe thanks to last hand of the shoe double down:
9,2 versus dealer 6
I drew a 10 and dealer had an Ace underneath for 17
(Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to go? LOL)

At this point -2900

Shoe 2:
the 200 was gone on the first two hands as the dealer had blackjack followed by another blackjack
However, the always handy Speed Count soon rose to epic levels…by the end of the shoe I had pressed up to 500 and had now lifted myself up by my own bootstraps, winning back 1650 in the shoe

At this point -1450

Shoes 3 and 4:

even for the shoes — nothing of note

Still negative 1450

Shoe 5: (Speed Count comes alive!!!)

On a 200 hand…I Was dealt the following:

4,4, versus dealer 6
Split the 4’s for another 4
First 4 dealt a 7—double get a 10 for 21
Second 4 dealt a 5—double get a 7 for 16
Third 4 dealt a 5—double get a 10 for 19
Dealer has a 6 turns over a 2 (Ughhh) for 8
Dealer draws a 3 (UGHHHHHH!) for 11
Dealer draws a 2 for a 13
Dealer draws an Ace for 14
Dealer draws and Ace for 15
Dealer draws a King for 25
YES!!! 1200 back on that hand

shoe was up and down the rest of the way and I was now only negative 250

Shoe 6:

even for the whole shoe then got a blackjack on the last hand
now only negative 100

I thought to myself…should I quit only down 100 or should I play and see if I can get even or maybe a little bit of profit in the New Year…?


Shoe 7:

Murphy’s Law!

I lost every double down (3 of them) and by the end of the shoe I was now down 700 instead of 100

Shoe 8 please be great!!!:

Started off with a blackjack NICE!
Plenty of pushes to follow

Trip now negative 550

Shoe 9 please be fine!:

After a few hands, I had regained another 200 but it was a hand in the middle of the shoe that would become a make or break for the trip as I was getting tired and had an early drive the next morning in an effort to beat Snow Storm Hercules home

I had been dealt 2,2 versus dealer 7 (I ridiculously blurted out “Deuces never loses”)
Apropos, I got dealt another 2, then another (I love how I get these 4-way splits-very nerve wracking)

First 2 dealt 7…hit then 9 for 18
Second 2 dealt 8…doubled then 10 for 20
Third 2 dealt 6…hit then Jack for 18
Fourth 2 dealt 9…doubled then 6 for 17

Dealer turns over an 8 for 15 (nail biting)
Draws an Ace (really…really…?!?) for 16
Draws a Jack for 26

The trip was now +50 and the Speed Count was good
With about 10 hands left in the shoe…I played on and pressed on…

I ended the trip +500

Happy New Year!!!








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