Retro Report #25 Nov. 2013

So this trip was neither in Vegas nor Atlantic City – it was in Connecticut (Mohegan Sun)

I was invited to the grand opening of the AVALON nightclub at the Mohegan Sun. Apparently, my television appearances have garnered me some regional notoriety. However, I will be a tiny fish in a huge pond with the likes of Shaq also on the guest list. However, should be a good networking opportunity for me and, fingers crossed, a money-making opportunity at the blackjack tables.

The limo pulled up and away I go:


I am hoping to have a lot of good stories from this weekend and will attempt to post photos as well.


Arrived and checked in:

My host kept me busy (along with his other players – some of whom I know from AC and VEGAS…and some I am just meeting). Basically, got in late afternoon – got a tour of the place – got my card for the 33rd floor lounge – went to room to relax a bit and change for dinner (after ironing my pants and shirt I realized my working out in the gym has paid off BUT, my button down was way too tight on my chest and, unless I wanted to wear it open a la the Brothers Gibb, it was not happening). Unfortunately, the only two clothing store options were Trailblazers (an outdoors type store) and Tommy Bahama (casual beach wear) – so, the saleslady in Tommy Bahama finally helped me locate a halfway decent button down shirt (not something I would normally wear, and way overpriced but, I had to do what I had to do).

Met the newfound posse for dinner at Michael Jordan’s where I had the Kobe New York Strip (14 oz.) and it was a disappointment – it was undercooked and tough (not at all what I expected but, I suppose the Kobe name on the beef had led me to higher expectations). I must say though, that the bacon appetizer was delicious.

After dinner, went to the suite of one of the newfound posse members and hung out. We then ventured to the nightclub (it was open tonight with the official grand opening tomorrow) and I forgot that nightclubs are not the place to converse. It was a fun evening and, since i am here as a guest of the nightclub for their event tomorrow, and not of my host, I do not have to put in any actual playing time to maintain any semblance of good graces. I am going to watch one of the posse members in the $300k blackjack tournament tomorrow (30 players and they actually had a drawing this evening with the winner thereof getting a free pass to the final table tomorrow night). Will be good to root on a friend.

So, I am relaxing, about to get some shut-eye.


Ok played a session in Casino of the Wind
100min table
Lost the first 6 hands then maintained
Lost the last two hands of that first shoe which were both doubles

End of first shoe negative 1200

As I watched the shuffle and cut card placement it seemed they were only at about 55% penetration OUCH!!!

Finally caught a run until I was only down 100 but then split 8’s 3 times for 4 hands and lost…

Then too a mini-break and came back to play a one shoe session a few moments ago:

started out as before, taking a bath on the first 8 out of 10 hands…


things started going my way and, with some nice splits and doubles, I was able to finish the shoe



Just watched the 300k bj tourn.

Also just met Shaq and had a nice conversation with James Woods:

Shaq – who I’ve met before, was a gentleman yet again

JW – had not met him before and he could not have been more gracious or open – if someone taking a photo with him mentioned a movie, he would tell them a quick behind the scenes anecdote…as I brought up his canceled television show SHARK, about an attorney, and informed him I was an attorney, we discussed the procedural aspect of his first divorce and how he is best friends with said ex to this day.

I am back home –this was not a gambling trip but a social trip as I was invited to attend the grand opening of the new nightclub there “Avalon”…great VIP booth next to the DJ with about 15 other guys and girls including some NFL players/former players and, of course, plenty of dirty dancing 🙂


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