Retro Report #24 ½ Nov. 2013

There is a section below in magenta as it still perplexes me to this day what this guy was trying to accomplish with his “strategy” – any thoughts?


First session:

1st hand: Ace, 7 v dealer 6 — doubled and drew on 8 — dealer turned over an Ace for 17 Ughhhhhh
2nd Hand: Ace, 7 v dealer 10 — hit, got an Ace for 19 — dealer turns over King for 20 Ughhhhh
3rd hand: 7, 8 v dealer 7 — hit, BUST
4th hand: 8, 8 v. dealer 10 — split, got 10,8 and 9, 8 — dealer turns over a Queen
5th hand: pushed
6th hand: pushed
7th hand: Ace, 7 (yes, again) v dealer 5 — doubled and drew a 10 — dealer has 6 under and pulls a 10 for 21 Ughhhhh

Trip is EVEN



Second session:

1st shoe a/k/a the “schaden“-shoe:

Won the first two hands and feeling good…
then they lowered the boom

Dealt a 5,5 v dealer 3 — doubled and dealt a 3 BOOM!

two hands later:

dealt 9,9 v dealer 9 — split
first 9 dealt a 2…doubled and dealt a 4
second 9 dealt a 5…hit and dealt a 10 BUST
dealer turns over an 8 for 17 Ughhhhhh

five hands later:

dealt a 7,4 v dealer 5 — doubled and dealt an Ace BOOM!

next hand:

dealt a 4,5 v dealer 6 — doubled and dealt a 10
dealer has 6, 5 then gets a 10 for 21 BOOM

next hand I pushed my own 21 with the dealer

next to last hand of the shoe:

5,5 v dealer 9 — double and dealt a 2 BOOM!

last hand of the shoe:

8,8 v dealer 9 — split
first 8 get a 3 and double…dealt a 6 for 17
second 8 get a 10
dealer turns over a 10 for 19 BOOM!

at this point I was negative 1200

2nd shoe of the session:

Went on a nice run…dealer busted the first 4 hands

I was now only negative 800

dealt a double 7,4 v dealer 10 — doubled and dealt a 10 for 21 WOOHOO!

ten hands later dealt 6,6 v dealer 3 — split and had 16’s on both — dealer bust WOOHOO!

that completed my comeback

Trip is +100



Played a one shoe session:

Started off nicely with a double down 7,3 v dealer 3 and I was dealt a 10…dealer flips over 6 and draws a Queen for 19

The next three doubles will make Bob happy:
…5,5 v dealer 8 and I draw an Ace for 21 — dealer has a 3 under and pulls a 10 to push my 21
…7,4 v dealer 2 and I draw a Jack for 21 — dealer turns over a 9 then draws a 10 to push my 21
…8,3 v dealer 8 and I draw a 10 for 21 — dealer turns over a 3 then draws a 4 then a 6 to push my 21 again

I then hit a few nice hands and ended the shoe +900

Trip is +1k


Sat down to play at a 50min table (still.playing blacks though)
The guy next to me refused to hit ANY hand!
I have no idea what his thought process was as he did not acknowledge the dealer, floor person or anyone else at the table – he was as quiet as a churchmouse and only bought in for $150 at a $50 table
At first, he couldn’t lose a hand – but then, it caught up to him and he lost about 7 hands in a row, busting out

Was this guy’s strategy a recognized system?


Played a mini session where I was up a quick 800 due to favorable double downs…however, I then lost a double down with a 9,2 getting dealt an Ace then lost next hand and called it a session up another 500

Trip is +1500



sat down for a session yesterday afternoon and proceeded to get utterly destroyed:

Table 1:

first hand – dealer blackjack
second hand – 8,3 v dealer 7 — I double and dealt a 10 for 21 — dealer has 7 turns over 7 deals himself the dreaded triple 7 for a push
third hand – dealer blackjack
the dealer then ran off 5 consecutive natural 20’s

Lost 700 at that table…time to switch tables and gather my thoughts

Table 2:

first hand – dealer blackjack
second hand – dealer blackjack
third hand – push on 19
fourth hand – dealer blackjack

lost 300 at this table

Table 3:

first hand – split 8,8 against dealer 10 (UGHHHHHHHH!)
–first 8, another 8 (split)
–first 8, another 8 (split yet again for four hands v dealer 10)
–first 8, dealt a 3 — double get an Ace for 12
–second 8, dealt a 10 for 18
–third 8, dealt a 10 for 18
–fourth 8, dealt an Ace for 19
BUT, we all know where this is going
dealer has 10 turns over a Queen

lost 500 there on the first hand

Trip was back to even at this point

I then took an hour break.

After dinner session:

Started out losing the first 6 hands after dinner for a now negative 600 trip

HOWEVER, things gradually turned around and I actually began winning doubles and, after one shoe I was back to even for the trip

After two shoes I was up 1k for the trip and decided to retire for the night and relax

Trip ended +1k




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