Retro Report #24 Nov. 2013

So here I am in AC for the weekend – the torrential rain does not seem to be letting up, shades of “Superstorm Sandy” outside the floor-to-ceiling window of my room…but, as the NJ commercial says “Stronger than the storm…”

So as the commercial goes, so I go – ready to WIN WIN WIN!

An aside:

There is a new points multiplier promotion wherein you touch a casino chip on the touch screen kiosk…there are 9 on the screen arranged in 3 rows of 3
I normally touch the center on these types of promotions but this time I decided to touch the top right
I received a 2x multiplier
However, the screen then revealed all the other chip values – of course, the one in the center was listed as 100x multiplier
(Now, I realize this is a RNG situation and touching or not touching the screen at a certain point will determine what is shown as well as the probability programmed into the machine)

So, the next promotion that appeared on the screen was for free slot play or extra raffle tickets for the Saturday night cash drawings
So, I had to touch one of 5 pies on the screen (blueberry, apple…etc.)
Instead of touching the dead center of the screen I touched the top right…
I received 50 bonus raffle entries for tomorrow night…
They then revealed what the other prizes would have been – of course, the pie in the middle was worth $10k in free slot play
Again, I realize the RNG and programmed probability come into play but I find it interesting that both times I didn’t pick the spot I normally pick, the prize would have been the best prize available…

Why bother to show the players “what might have been”…? So far, all it has done for me is put me in a bad mood…here we go

First session of the trip:
$ people (including me) at the table
We all won the first hand then all lost the next 10 hands
from there it was up and down and I ended the shoe down 1100

I switched tables
I started the next table off losing 4 hands then, in the middle of the shoe, got a nice little run and had made 1k of the 1100 back
However, I then lost two doubles and a couple of bad beats (dealer pulling 21 against my 20)
By the end of the shoe I had won back 750 of the 1100

Trip is negative 350

OK sat back down last night at negative 350

Caught a horrible shoe – dealer had 3 blackjacks and 4 additional 21’s in the shoe – despite that, I was able to only lose another 200
The next shoe is where it went downhill…
I had amazing opportunities…dealt 4 double downs and 2 splits – LOST THEM ALL!!!
By the end of the shoe I was down 1800

I had had enough of that particular table (although for some reason, the gentleman that was playing there as well and continually yelling that this was the “worst dealer ever” decided to stay and continue to play with the “worst dealer ever” lol

I moved over and began winning some doubles and caught a nice run…

Trip is now negative 600
(which is whole lot better than negative 1800)


Pre-breakfast shoe this morning:

Started out on a nice run of three wins in a row – then hit a bad run – then hit a couple of doubles
Made 500 that shoe

Trip is now only negative 100


Pre-lunch mini-session:

Played one shoe – caught a nice run at the end and pick up 500

Trip is +400

Off to see “ABBA Mania” this evening

Well, ABBA MANIA was fun, then the fun ended.

I sat down after the show and lost the first 14 of 18 hands
Switched tables and was dealt Ace, Ace on the first hand versus dealer 7
Ace dealt another Ace
Ace dealt a 3
Dealer flips over a 10 for 17

Second hand dealt Ace, Ace yet again versus dealer 7
Ace dealt a 4
Ace dealt a 5
Dealer yet again flips over a 10 for 17

At this point I Was down 3k

Switched tables yet again and, over the course of the next 2 hours, despite the dealer seemingly always being able to make a hand, managed to pick up 700

Trip was now down 2300

Took a break for daylight savings as well as a deep breath and dove back in
Within 2 shoes I had regained some cash and my composure

The trip ended -1k






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