Retro Report #23 Oct. 2013 tournament

Drove down to AC for a blackjack tournament tonight.

Played a mini-session:

Won the first 6 hands
I actually did not have any great hand except for the time I had Ace, 5 and dealt a 5
Otherwise, the dealer broke
Luckily, I pressed and picked up 1700 in those 6 hands and walked away
(I could not talk myself into thinking the amazing shoe would continue)
so, got back the 1200 lost last week plus a nice lil’ profit

Trip is +1700

Tournament later this evening



the format was as follows:

Round 1 rules:

No set # of people at the table…was basically play as you sign up
10 hands
Betting follows the button
10k in chips
500 minimum bet
No maximum
Top 49 scores advance to the Round 2

Results of Round 1:

Had an insane table
Only one guy busted out
The dealer only won one hand (unfortunately for the guy who busted out, he was all in on that hand)
By hand 7 I had reached 65k in chips and decided to just bet the minimum the rest of the way
The other players at my table all seemed to think they did not have enough chips for making it to Round 2 even though the minimum they had was 90k
They started going all in and winning – ending up with insane scores of anywhere between 150k and 300k
Needless to say, all of us made it into Round 2

Round 2 rules:

7 tables of 7 players
start with 25k in chips
12 hands
500 minimum, no maximum
prior to last hand the pit boss does a chip count
last hand is bet as a secret wager written on a slip of paper
winner of each table advances to the final round

Round 2 results:

I played very conservatively only betting the 500 minimum
Naturally, I received 3 blackjacks during this conservative period
Everyone busted out at the table except for another guy and I
HE had 22k in chips, I had 29500
On my secret wager I bet 14,600
As the cards were dealt he asked me what I wagered and told him
He said he went all in
He was dealt an 18
I was dealt a 20
Dealer showed a Queen
Now, I might be wrong, but the only way for him to win at this point was for me to push and him to win…I think his best bet would’ve been to hit and hope for a 3 then hope for a dealer 20
He stayed, I stayed, dealer had 20, he lost, I pushed
I won the table!!!

an aside…the table next to mine had a guy yelling ( I know, it’s normally me but not this time LOL )
A gentleman had 55k on the secret wager hand
the only other people at the table had 15k and 20k, respectively
there was no way for this guy to lose the table, even if both other players received blackjacks
all he had to do was bet the minimum
of course, he bet 30k, lost his hand and the guy that had 20k won his bet
the gentleman that “couldn’t lose” became irate and yelled at the dealer for “not explaining the rules on how to bet” and eventually stormed off

Round 3 rules:

12 hands
7 players
25k in chips
500 minimum
no maximum
chip count prior to last hand
last hand is a secret wager

First place: 25k
Second place: 10k
Third place: 7k
Fourth place: 3500
Fifth place: 2500
Sixth place: 1500
Seventh place: 500

However, after much discussion, we all decided to chop the pot
Tournament over!!!

7 of us split 50k
(the guy with the biggest chip total from the prior round got a beautiful glass trophy – not me)

Weekend was +8800


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