Retro Report #22 October 2013

Dropped into AC to play at Trop as a host there got my name somehow and invited me for a blackjack tourn…
However, it was revealed to me at the last minute that in order to qualify me for the tournament I needed to have a 10k line of credit with them – I promptly refused as I do not take lines of credit and headed over to my usual ‘haunt’

Played a mid-afternoon mini-session and secured 650
Played a post-dinner shoe and secured 850
Played a mini-session this morning to the tune of plus another 900

Trip is +2400

Sat down and proceeded to lose 22 of 25 hands in 2 shoes

Switched tables and played 4 more shoes wherein out of 12 doubles or splits I won 1
I had Ace,Ace twice and the highest denomination card I received was a 4

Switched tables and got 500 back

Trip WAS +2800
Trip NOW +500

Full T*I*L*approaching rapidly

Trip is negative 2700
Had 500 up
Split aces
Got a 9 on both
Dealer has 6, 3, 2, 3, 2, 5


Went outside to breathe in some fresh, crisp, sea air and went back inside to play some more cards.

Sat down last night and got 1k back in a shoe…
The next shoe reversed about half of that back with the low point being when a passerby decided to toss a $25 chip in midshoe (I asked the pitboss if that was allowed as the games I play at are always no midshoe…she informed me that there were not enough “NO MID SHOE ENTRY” signs available (only at Revel) and thusly, she would have to allow the midshoe bet)
Here is how it then played out:

Midshoe guy gets a 10,6
I get a 7,3
Dealer showing a 9

Midshoe guy waves off a card
I get a 5 on my doubledown for a 15
Dealer has 9,7 and draws an Ace to beat us both
(If midshoe guy hits his 16 as any rational person would, we both end up with 21)


I left that table and sat down with an older Italian gentleman at the 100min table

For the first 90% of the shoe he played 1 hand basic strategy…
then all hell broke loose
He started playing 1 to 3 hands with bets as varied as table min to table max within those 2 to 3 hands and stopped hitting all soft hands and any hard 15 to 16
Needless to say I lost 7 hands in a row and was once again down 2700


It was getting past my bedtime and I played one last shoe one on one at another table and got 1k back

Trip is now negative 1700

Well – at a certain point I was only down 1k and decided to play…I then ran into the 1/2 shoe from hell

In that 1/2 shoe the dealer got 10, yes 10, blackjacks and the 1700 was gone

I then played again and got 1500 back

The trip total was negative 1200

My year total is +1900 (some solace in that LOL)



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