Retro Report #21 October 2013

First session:

Sat down to play with a guy I know from Bally’s and another lady (who I did not know).
They were having a terrible go of it – the lady exclaiming that she had lost 7 hands in a row.
They asked for a shuffle as I assumed they wanted me to “change their luck” by buying in.
Dealer shuffled and things started off well for me, winning the first three hands with the
gentleman then riding the usually blackjack roller coaster and the lady at 3rd base continuing
her downward spiral.
After one shoe I was even but the lady was out.
Started shoe number two with a blackjack, pressed it up and won and then took a seat on the
blackjack roller coaster…however, when I hit the upswing again…I took a break

Trip: +500

Second session:

The pre-dinner session was 2 shoes – the first one being nothing to write home about.
The second shoe is where it got interesting:

first hand was a split A,A
first A was a 10
second A was a 6
dealer has a 2, turns over a 3, deals a 2, then another 2, then an 3 then BAM a Queen
nice start to the shoe

a few hands later I was dealt a K,Q with 200 up
dealer has a 5, then 6 then 3 then A then BAM a 6 UGHHHHHHHH

after that I hit a couple of doubles and ended the shoe +900 for the session and +1400 for the trip

Third session:

Sat down to a newly opened table, sitting through the traditional washing of the cards
another guy sat down with a nice chip stack of about 20k
he proceeded to bet between 100 and 300 a hand with the worst basic strategy of all time

at one point he was dealt 6,6 versus dealer 5
he decides to stay
the dealer makes her hand and I proceed to lose the next 10 hands
of course, there is no magic order to the cards and people always say you never remember when someone’s mistakes help you but
it always, at least on the surface, appears that these plays never help the table lol
after all, the worst I could’ve done is still lose the next 10 hands of the shoe (I suppose each could’ve been a double or split LOL)
the shoe ended and I had lost 1k so the trip was now only +400

played another shoe and got back to where I was and went to bed

Trip is still +1400

Fourth session:

Sat down for about 3/4 of a shoe
Started with a blackjack
Pressed the 150 and got 8,8 versus dealer 8
First 8 dealt a 3 doubled got a 10 for 21
Second 8 got a 2 doubled got an Ace for 21
Went up and down for a few hands then hit another blackjack
Won 900 that shoe

Trip at that point was +2300

Last evening session:

I ran into one of those sessions that defy logic
Lost the first 5 hands
Ran up and down, mostly down and ended the shoe as it began…
I lost the final 5 hands as follows:

10,9 v dealer 6
dealer goes 6, 5, 9

Ace, 9 v dealer 2
dealer goes 2, 4, 7, 8

8,3 v dealer 10
I double and get the 8 for 19
dealer has 10, K

5,4 v dealer 6
I double and get the 10 for 19
dealer goes 6, 5, Q

9,9 v dealer 3
first 9 dealt 10 for 19
second 9 dealt 7 for 16
dealer goes 3, 7, Ace

session was down 1400k

Trip +900 at that point

Extra late night session:

Ran up and down for about an hour worth of shoes
Won 200-250 per shoe average during that time

won back 1100 that session

Trip +2k at that point and went to bed

Good morning session:

Sat down and played 1 hand and left as the guy at the table with me refused to double his Ace,7 versus a 6 as an “18 is a good enough hand”

Lost 100

Next table:

Horrifically bad session for two shoes
I won 7 hands in two shoes…all of which were either a blackjack or 21
I lost 10 doubles and a split

lost 2k that shoe

Trip was then -100

Took a brief respite so as not to go on full tilt
Sat down with an affable gentleman and proceeded to lose the first 10 hands plus one double
I weathered the storm and actually ended that shoe winning 100

I proceeded to slowly but surely get a few key doubles and splits here and there throughout the course of 4 shoes

picked up 1100

Trip ends +1k


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