Retro Report #20 Sept. 2013

Friday first session:

Played through two shoes with a couple of players – one was a young guy who seemed to be using a count as he would go from table minimum one hand to table max 2 hands. He was basically winning and losing the same 50k throughout the day as I saw him. A few other reserved tables with one player at each with about 250k in chips each (nice work if you can get it LOL)

So after the first session, which was nothing to write home about, I was up 300.
Trip +300

Second session:

Up and down, down and up…at one point I was down 1400
I put up my last 100 chip from the buy-in and won, then pressed 3 hands in a row with a double down thrown in for good measure and by the end of the shoe got it all back
Trip +100

Third session:

Sat down for some one on one blackjack with a dealer I enjoy conversing with…
I won the first 8 out of ten hands with two blackjacks and a double down
Trip +1500

Fourth session:

Ran into some friends of mine (plus a board lurker who came over to introduce himself (best wishes “Steve”)
The next hour and a half reminded me of last week’s brutal session
I lost 5 double downs with 19 or 20 on each
Dealer pulled 6 blackjacks in one shoe and at least 5 hands of 21 with 4 or more cards in each shoe
After busting out most of the table, I was still up 500 for the trip and decided to get up and go check out “Steve’s” table
I won the first 7 of 8 hands and was back to +1500 for the trip

Relaxed the rest of the night and saw some interesting plays by an older asian gentleman:

doubled for less on a hard 14 versus dealer ten and getting the 7
split 7,7 versus 8 and won on both hands
refused to double 6,5 versus a 6 and he pulls a 5 card 21

Morning session:

started out losing 5 of 6 hands
then things got better, hit for two blackjacks and a double down
was able to press my bets up and walked away with another 1200

Trip is +2700

Afternoon session:

Played at a table with a guy who appeared to over think every hand’s wager. He would take 30 seconds between hands to determine his wager. HE would also use this time to determine whether he would put up one or two hands – sometimes telling the dealer to “hold up” even when he had one wager up, in order to allow him time to either add to his wager or add in another hand.

He then proceeded to fail to split 8,8 versus dealer 2 (the table lost)
I then lost the next 6 hands

Trip ends +2700



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