Retro Report #19 Sept. 2013

Got into AC last night

Played 2 mini sessions, got a nice little run


Just starting my day now – let’s see what we can do!

1st session of the day started out playing with 4 others at the table, including a guy who always tracks me down to play with me lol

Started out this session losing the first 8 of 11 hands and then exited the game…
session -1k
trip +1k

Proceeded to a new table playing one on one and lost the first 5 hands then made a nice run, including winning a couple of doubles I had no business winning but for variance
(i.e. doubled an 11 got an ace dealer had 2 showing with a 9 underneath and she pulled an Ace then a Queen)
Session +1100
Trip +2100

Took a mini-break then played another session
started out winning 3 hands in a row then had 100 up and got dealt a 3,3 against a 5
split and got another 3 so I split again
got a 6 on the first hand and doubled for a 17
Second 3 got a 5 and then hit for a 10 for an 18
the last 3 got an 8 and doubled for a 17
Dealer has a 5 turns over a 3 then a 4 then a 7 for a 19
YIKES there went 500

Shoe continued up and down until I had an Ace, 5 against dealer 4 with 200 up…I doubled and pulled the 5 for 21
Dealer turns over a 7 then 10 to push me
I leave the 200 up next hand and the dealer gets a blackjack

over the next shoe or so I got a few mini runs to capitalize on
Session +900

Trip +3k

Just lost every hand but 3 in a shoe
Then pushed a 400 double with 21 then lost next 8 hands
Was then down another 300 then split
2 – 2 – 2 against dealer 4
Got a 10 and hit (cd strategy) for a 19
Got a 10 and hit for 21
Got a 10 and hit for 14
Dealer busted

Trip is even steven

Hit up a two shoe session pre-dinner got 500 back

Trip +500

Post-dinner mini session

Played 1/2 shoe got a nice run for 1k

Trip ends +1500



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