Retro Report #19 Sept. 2013

This is the first report wherein the “lady in red” appears — she will be a recurring theme in other Retro Reports

Arrived at the Aria
Ready for action!!!

First session:

Played half a shoe
Last two hands got blackjack then they switched dealers

session and trip: +1k

Session 2:

Started off with losses and pushes then by the end of the shoe it good again – won 2 doubles lost 2 doubles
End of shoe +800

Trip: +1800

Session 3:

Played through 3 shoes…
Couldn’t win a double down the first shoe and had given back 800…
Second shoe got better…got the 800 back…
Third shoe had 6 hands in a row where I was dealt a 10 total but could not double down as the dealer had a 10 or Ace every time…end of third shoe +100

Trip: +1900

Morning session aka “bloodbath”

Started this session playing 6D
Dealer began by pushing me on a blackjack
She then proceeded to win the next 13 hands…exit Ace stage left…
New table dealers asks how I’m doing-I reply that just lost 13 hands in a row–to which I stated “it’s still early”
Shoe started with me losing the first 12 hands…exit Ace stage right
It was at this point I thought of EvenBob and his penchant for schadenfreude
I left the high limit room and headed for the double deck games…
at this point I had given back the 1900 I was up plus another 600

There was one other guy at the double deck table…
A few times during the 4 shoes at the table I played he would throw in an extra hand UGHHH -usually worked against us
While playing I noticed he would not hit soft hands but, he was consistent with this UNTIL…
I had 200 bet out and got a 9,2 he had soft 18 and dealer had 10 showing
He finally asks the dealer what the book says and he takes a hit and gets a King
I double and get the Ace
dealer has a 7 under – Ace was none too pleased and left the table now down another 400

Played heads up for another thirty minutes and the roller coaster continued with Ace finally getting back some money

Session: -1700

Trip: +200


Caught a nice run in a shoe and made 950

Trip: +1050

Mini-session evening:


Firstly, moments before the deal a drunk guy from next table over yells “Don’t deal…don’t deal!”
dealer holds up and he throws two greens into the betting circle and says “i’m grandfathered in” – apparently the table he was coming from was a $50min table and he obviously misused the phrase “grandfathered in” – the pit boss told him it was a $100min table and he proceeded to attempt to get her to let him bet $50min she continually said no and he grudgingly bet $100
I lost the first 3 hands so sat out then…just then a family walked by and one family member threw a purple chip in–drunk guy asks him to wait til next shuffle so as not to ruin his “flow”…guy obliges and drunk guy loses last 3 hands in the shoe…
Next shoe starts and I begin playing again–drunk guy is still playing and purple chip guy changes his mind and decides to play black
drunk guy loses the first 5 hands and storms off…
Purple guy now loses a few in a row and decides to throw up a yellow and dealer busts–purple guy goes back to black chips and loses a few in a row and throws up 2 purple and wins and quits
in the meantime, i quietly made some chips for myself

Trip: +2100
(However, 100 of this is bet as follows:
50 on the NY Giants moneyline over cowboys
50 on the Bengals moneyline over bears)

Just played a 2 shuffle session of double deck

Nothing really to write home about except each shuffle started out with a plethora of low cards so i pressed up and came away with another 1k

Trip: +3k

Had an amazing dinner at Delmonico’s…truffle potato chips, creamed corn au gratin and a filet mignon you could cut with a butter knife – that was the apex of the evening…

Sat down and in the first shoe had four chances to win double downs, unfortunately none of them panned out…lost 1k that shoe leaving me +2k for the trip…

Second shoe it was the splits that got me…deuces against dealer 6…
First deuce drew a 9, doubled drew an Ace…lucky #12
Second deuce drew an 8, doubled and drew a seven for 17
Dealer has a 6 flips over a 5 BAM that’s all she wrote
Second shoe lost another 1k…….trip now +1k

Third shoe was a roller coaster
Fourth shoe was up and down as well

Fifth shoe the “lady in red” showed up…a tiny older asian lady in a red suit sat down and i lost 10 hands in a row…i left the table

I was now down 1k for the trip overall…
I held my own (lol)…

I started a new shoe and three hands in the “lady in red” appeared…with 19’s and 20’s i proceeded to be overtaken by the curse of the lady in red and lost every hand since she sat down…

At this point i was down 3k for the trip and ran to another area of the casino and sat down and within 1 shoe got 1k back

Trip is now negative 2k

Please wish me luck (and I know that EvenBob is somewhere smiling at all this)

Pre-breakfast one shoe 2deck session +300

Trip now -1700

Post-breakfast mini session
Got another 700 back so i got 2k back total

Trip is negative 1k

Played 2d 2 shuffles got another +500

Trip now -500

Mini session
Won 500

Trip is back to even par

Was heading down in elevator to casino floor and the elevator stopped and lo and behold who is standing there waiting to get on but the one and only “lady in red” wearing a red dress

She hesitated and the doors began to shut and the guy closest to door didn’t re-open in time so I thanked him and he apologized thinking I was upset (language barrier) so the other people asked if I knew her and I gave them a brief synopsis and they said “good thing she didn’t get on”

Lol only in Vega$!!!

Afternoon session:

Sat down at a 6deck table and the first shoe was the typical roller coaster ride…

Second shoe the dealer had 5 blackjacks and made 21 on 5 hands
I lost 4 double downs and lost 1k

I switched tables and as I sat down the dealer asked me how I was doing…to which I replied, “Well, I just left a table where the dealer got 21 ten times”…to which he replied “I can beat that!” – I walked away immediately

Sauntered over to a 2deck game and made my 1k back

Trip is back to even

after dinner session:

Played through 5 shuffles with a very friendly dealer and pit boss and came out of it even steven

Relaxed for a bit and moved to a 6deck game
Played half a shoe and got a couple nice runs

Trip is +1200

I fell asleep early last night
Played 2 mini sessions this morning in between seeing the Bears guy hits the Bengals guy late and the bengals guy defends himself and theycall personal foul on bengals and I lose my moneyline bet on Bengals as they had no chance to try and tie it to bring it into overtime
Negative 50 on Bengals

Back to blackjack
Hit a nice run in the first mini session and pick up 400

Second mini session saw a downward spiral of losing a quick 1k before making it back just as quickly plus another 200

Trip is +1750 (i still have 50 on the Giants to win moneyline tonight)

A couple of mini-sessions before dinner and the ridiculous play of the Giants

First session garnered 300 and second session made 400
Nothing to speak of of any interest but trip is now +2400

2 more mini sessions of a total of 2 decks

Trip is +3500

I ended up losing 18 of 23 hands between two different tables, including 4 double downs…
Brought the trip from +3500 to +1k


then gathered my thoughts and regained my composure and hit them right back

Trip now +2600

Played a mini session and recovered another 300

Trip is +2900

Time for dinner!

I played one final short session last night after dinner and got a few chips for my troubles 🙂

Trip total: +3300

Heading home

More “lady in red” sightings in future “Retro Reports”



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