Retro Report #17 Memorial Day 2013

Well, in 2012 I was at the Revel Grand Opening Memorial Day weekend and that was a horrific weekend.  Fast forward to Memorial Day weekend 2013.

This report is basically from memory as the trip was the worst gambling trip I had ever been on up until that time.  A friend of mine began working for MGM properties and was able to be my host, setting me up for my first stay ever at Aria.  He had me in a corner suite with a beautiful view of the Strip.  The room was amazing, the blackjack was horrific.

Upon arriving at Aria, the vanilla jasmine scent they pipe in lulled me into a false sense of serenity – one I would not have at any other point the entire trip.

Now, although I cannot recall actual blackjack hands, when I played, which pits I played in, I recall that I only had one winning session the entire four days there.

Variance was never as bad as that Memorial Day weekend.  Rather than going to see some famous DJ at the MGM pool party, I chased my losses, eventually ending up on TILT.

The trip ended so badly that I cannot bring myself to write anymore or reveal the amount of money I lost.


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