Rant: ‘You’re bastardizing basic strategy!’

The phrase “You’re bastardizing basic strategy” was yelled at me by a middle-aged woman this weekend while I played the tables…

split non-Aces up to 4 hands
split Aces once

The two plays she overtly objected too were:

Q,2 v. dealer 4 and I hit (this did not affect the outcome of her hand at all – the table won)


4,3,4,5 v. dealer 10 and I stood

She said those were not basic strategy plays and I should have let her know ahead of time (firstly, I never tell people how to play or what to do with their money and I feel they should give me the same courtesy) – I informed her (quietly) that if she did some research she would see they actually are basic strategy plays (she rolled her eyes and said to the dealer “can you believe this guy?”)

Rather than get into a conversation about ‘content dependent’ basic strategy, I said nothing — I try to not get into any arguments  (or discussions, even) about how either they or I play a hand — if someone asks me, I usually just state “I never tell anyone what to do with their money” and suggest they take a minute to look it up on Google or ask the dealer.

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