Witnessed an amazing run May 2013

This occurred in May of 2013

OK so after the BJ tournament last weekend (which I was ousted from in the first round when I was all in with 25k in first round on the last hand and was dealt Ace 2 against a 9 — I hit and was dealt a 7 for a 20 — dealer has her 9, turn over 2, then 2, then 3 then, yes 5 for 21)

so I wander over and run into a woman I always see playing and sometimes sit at the table and cheer her on…
she seemed to be in a chippy mood (pun intended) with me for some reason as she bought in for $300 worth of greens

she started out with a $25 hand and got dealt a blackjack…
she refused to fist bump with me after her win (not x-rated people, we all know what fist bumping is)

she left her wager up there and won the next hand
she left her wager up and won the next hand

she proceeded to run through the shoe exactly like this, winning the first 10 hands of the shoe, then losing a hand, pushing a hand…
after each loss, she would run her bet back to $50 and then immediately press to table max as her win streaks continued

the dealer seemed shocked when he would bust every 12, meanwhile, she would get the cards she needed on
every 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 she had

it was liking watching blackjack in reverse (usually, it is the dealer making all their hands LOL)

at the end of the shoe she had accumulated ~15k

she took a break but then, about an hour later, I saw her in that same spot…

I was on my way up to bed so I did not stick around to see how she did but that one shoe was like nothing I’d ever seen before…

anyone else witness or experience a shoe like this…?

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