Retro Report #15 February 2013

Arrived in AC – staying at Taj tonight then Revel rest of the weekend.

Walked over the Showboat – played 2 shoes
nothing eventful

Trip is +500

Session 2 (Bally’s):

Played 3/4 of a shoe
It was up and down, back and forth the whole shoe – no real chance to press
Dealer continually had 11 and only one time got 21

end of the shoe had me up 400

Trip is +900

Session 3 (Showboat):

Shoe #1 was a double down and split nightmare for the entire table…
lost the 900 I was up in one shoe

Shoe #2 was the exact opposite…
got the 900 I was up

Trip is still +900


I am still up 900 but just had 2 shoes from hell

highlights (or lowlights)

I Was dealt 6,6 versus dealer 3
Split – 6, 10; 6,10
dealer has 3, turns over 2, 3, 4, 2, A, A, A (a 7 card 17 to beat my 16’s LOL)

Also, dealer pulled 21 5 times versus my 20’s

Magically hit a nice run so still up +900


I just played a 5 minute session in the UltraLounge and made 650

Trip is +1550


Heading over to Showboat for, of all things, a slot tournament

slot tourn at Showboat: I should get a prize for low score lol
3 minutes I got 1,086points
so far the high was over 5k


After the Showboat slot tournament, I head down the boardwalk to Big Bally’s had a woman following me from table to table not getting the hint that I would rather not play with her – she kept telling me stories of people she claimed didn’t know basic strategy – meanwhile she would announce her “gut” was telling her how to play a certain hand lol. and her gut was very inconsistent
lost 1900 during the Bally’s excursion

back at Revel got 1200 back

Trip is once again +900

Sweet dreams.


Played a couple of shoes this morning made one chip lol

Trip is +1k

OK had a mini session pre-pig roast at Amada

A dealer I am friendly with motioned for me to play – so I took a chance, picked up 500 in the first 8 hands

Trip is +1500


Just hit a session at UltraLounge:

The usual back and forth and ended up plus 500

The real story was the guy at next table playing 10k a hand who won ten hands in a row then was up and down. I know it is all relative but 100k in 5 minutes sure sounds nice.

It seems as if they are completing a separate smoking boutique casino near the UltraLounge with it’s own air system. Dealers will not be forced to work therein so I would assume they would have to incentivize that option.  
It is supposed to open sometime in May.


Well the trip ended up being +2k

It was a good trip but only brings me to +5600 for the year

(and, having lost about 20k in December (which left me even for 2012), I would like to climb back to that level of +20k




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