Retro Report #14 Feb. 2013

Wow – this one’s a doozy and I forgot this happened…enjoy and please, share your comments

OK – it is 11:30pm on Saturday night and I am checking out of the Revel:

Was playing in the UltraLounge with another lady ( we were the only 2 playing in the entire area)
Another gentleman came in and they informed him they would be shuffling every hand (apparently he was a known

So, he walked away…I continued to play with the lady who I am friendly with as well
About 10 hands into the shoe the dealer had a King showing, checked the hole card and said NO BLACKJACK
lady at table busts

I have a 9,2 , I double and get a 10
Dealer has the King and flips over an Ace

Dealer pushes my double down 100 bet back and takes my original 100 bet
I protest stating that, since she played the hand, it should count as a push
the floor person says NOPE, calls over Pit Boss, who says to me that is an honest mistake – so I said, sure, but the game is in your control and, since the hand was played through, it should count as a push
I ask for the shift manager(mind you, about 20 minutes have now gone by, with NOBODY PLAYING, because only the lady at my table and I were playing in the entire UltraLounge)
Finally, about 10 minutes later a shift manager comes (now it is 30 minutes without a hand being played on a Saturday night) and tries to tell me that a dealer mistake cannot benefit me and goes on to state that if the dealer had accidentally hit a soft 17 and noticed her mistake, they would roll the tape back and repay everyone’s money if nobody notice – I was ready to shout B***S***!!! But I refrained.
So, I asked him if all this arguing for 30 minutes was worth the 100 chip and if losing my business forever was worth a 100 chip – his answer was “Rules are rules”
I stated that it is this type of management that is keeping Revel at the bottom of the barrel.  I remained calm the entire time – no shouting, no yelling, just calm and reserved. I told them I would not give them any more business and wished them well.

Once again, AC shows where it differs from Vegas – I have had things less egregious than this occur in Vegas
and the dealer will tell the pit boss they had a misdeal and leave everyone’s chips up – bing bang boom – everyone moves on
and continues playing…I asked the shift manager at Revel if the $100 chip was a make or break issue for Revel

(FYI – the lady, who was playing purples and yellows, decided that all this nonsense was “bad luck” and departed for the Borgata – so, they not only lost my measly black chip play, they lost her purple and yellow play on a Saturday night where we were the only two players in the high limit room!!!)

If a completed hand is played, the hand should stand as completed, adding up the cards as dealt, disregarding naturals.  As a player, we must rely on the dealer’s position and whether they have a natural – all of a sudden , cards are dealt that shouldn’t have been.

Fast forward to me enjoying room service at 1am – the phone rings and on the line is the Exec VP of REVEL who invites me down to the cage to give me $100 and apologize for the lack of professionalism from the staff.

The next morning, the phone rings again and it is the VP of Marketing who gives me another $100 cash at the cage, $200 free slot play and is giving me $500 match play in March.

That Monday, I received an email from the CEO containing a sincere apology. He stated that he spoke to all involved in the issue and admonished them that they should have handled the matter much better than they did, including not having me sit there at a table for 30 minutes before anyone with authority showed up.

Your thoughts…?


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