Retro Report #13 Jan. 2013

I arrived in AC about 2 hours ago (staying at Bally’s tonight
then off to the big “R” for the rest of the weekend).

I sat down for my first session – at first, while the dealer was shuffling, it
was only me – then another guy sat down, then, right before the first hand,
2 other gentleman sat down, cigarettes a’blazin’…I proceed to get crushed,
losing the first 6 of 7 hands (and pushing 1) – meanwhile the guy next to me
could not lose (one seat away LOL) – so, when I lost $600 in 7 hands I called
it quits at that table – the guy next to me went on to bet $1500/hand and
was about $6000 up by the end of the shoe.

I proceeded to the next table and found out that CET properties are now using
pre-shuffled cards (no more washing) – is this new for 2013?
So the table was three people (including me) – I won the first 1 of 15 hands
(2 blackjacks and 2 double downs therein) – started pressing up to $200 and
ended up getting the $600 back plus another $1k

As it now stands, I am + for the trip

Now at Revel and doing well thus far, although nothing to write home about – oh, interesting that a pit boss I am friendly with came over when he saw me and said “Thank you for coming to Revel – did you happen to bring anyone with you?”
I laughed out loud and then thought that perhaps, he was being serious…

Pre-dinner session:
Sat down and hit a horrible run (along with 2 of 3 other players at the table)
An argument broke out between first base guy and second base guy because
first base did not hit 16 versus dealer 10
and, of course, if he had hit second base would have won a bunch of times (as they were his initial 2 cards – on a multi-card 16, it is better to stay v. 10)

Evening session:
Ended up playing about an hour or so this evening…basically up and down, down and up, nothing
to write home about…
by the time shoe #5 came around I was down 500
neutral Speed Count throughout then finally caught some nice variance and got 2 blackjacks in the
last 5 hands and ended up + for the evening session

back in the room eating a piece of chocolate cake:)

Trip is nicely positive


Gave back all I was up. In the course of 2 shoes, I lost every split and every double…
I was losing on all 19’s
I lost 5 times when I had 20’s
I had 200 up and split 9’s for 3 hands and got 19 on each one versus dealer 8, she turns over a 2 then a 10
Three hands later I had 200 up again and split 8’s against a dealer 6…got a 2 on the first one doubled got a 6…got a 3 on the second one and got an Ace…dealer turned over on Ace for a 17
Just on those two hands it was a 2800 swing

Sooo, played a pre-dinner session…
Hit a good run and was up 500…
dealer then proceeded to get 7 blackjacks that shoe…
then dealer switch…new dealer got 6 blackjacks…at this point I was now down 1500
then dealer switch and got my proverbial a** kicked…down another 1000
then, the comeback trail was blazed
got back to the buy-in of 3k plus 100

Had dinner with my dad and now back relaxing
Trip is now ever so slightly positive again


Post-dinner mini sessions:
Session 1:

Played 6 hands and won 400
Session 2:Played 3 hands and won 500

Although sometimes Revel gets it wrong…I still get rooms free on weekends every weekend

It is PACKED here tonight – almost every table is full – feels like a Vegas Saturday night (no exaggeration)


What a roller coaster – at least I ended up slightly positive.

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