Retro Report #12 NYE 2012


So the end of 2012 is upon us as I arrive in AC – we survived the Mayan Prophecy a few days ago and I am prophesizing some blackjack winning!


I stopped off at Harrah’s to play $50 FSP for my dad (my mom and he arrive tomorrow)
played $.25 Crystal Sevens
return of $64.25 for him

made my way over to Revel and have checked in
I have to make my way over to Bally’s as I have $100 direct bet (which I
am hoping to turn into a whole lot more)

I have not been on the casino floor yet but check-in was not crowded
(although, it was only 11:30amEST)

OK – headed down the boardwalk to Bally’s to play $140 in direct bets.

Sat down, got a blackjack the first hand – off to a good start – NOPE
Dealer then got 2 consecutive blackjacks LOL
things were up and down and at the end of the uneventful first shoe I was +300

Second shoe brought in some entertainment in the form of an asian lady and her
husband (who I have seen in many casinos previously) – she tried to persuade everyone
at the table (2 other gentlemen plus me) to let her have the table to herself and offered
us each a Green (we declined as we were somewhat perplexed by it and did not feel
like moving)
end of second shoe +100

Third shoe, things got rolling, the SPEED COUNT (yes, I said SPEED COUNT) was good and was up
$600 by the end of the shoe

Fourth shoe is where things got tricky, the two gentlemen I was playing with left, I proceeded to
get a few bad beats on double downs in 3 the first 5 hands
-things evened out until I lost the last 5 hands where my totals were (19, 18, 20, 20, 19)
dealer pulled (you guessed it (20, 19, 21, 21, 20)

So, after 4 shoes at Bally’s I am +$150

Back at Revel for a snack and the end of the Giants game


OK watched the end of the Giants game – good win – but the Lions could not overcome the Bears – therefore, no playoffs for big Blue this season.

Back to blackjack:

I ventured downstairs to the casino at Revel – glad-handed and kissed babies then sat
down to a table where the dealer warned me that he was “blazing hot”…I decided to
look the blackjack Grim Reaper right in the eyes and take a seat
Shuffle came and I pushed the first hand with an A,9 v. K,K
Blazing Hot then started to show how hot he was by winning 5 of the next 7 hands
However, things became good and I quickly recouped
I then hit a nice double down (7,3 versus dealer 6, A) I was dealt an 8
At the end of the shoe I was +$500

So, for this trip I am +$650

Went and registered for the NYE gala and brunch
Back to room, showered and getting ready to head back down – going to check out my dinner options and play another session

Revel pre-dinner session:

Played two hands – double down on both , won them
+1050 for trip


After dinner…went back to Bally- to meet up with some friends – ended up playing for about 3 hours

Session was basically up and down then hit horrific variance again wherein I kept getting
19’s and 20’s and the dealer kept getting 20′ and 21’s
After 2 hours I was down $2k (the $1k I had been up for the trip + another $1k)

The last hour I got to play with a spry 91-year-old from North Carolina who called every female “baby”
or “babydoll” – it was so good to see someone so alive at that age (when the dealer asked him the key to his longevity,
he replied “Never turn down sex when it is offered!”
So, seeing as he was winning – I began calling the dealers “baby” and “babydoll”
Lo and behold, I got $1300 back
Left Bally’s +300


Got back to Revel where all the youngsters were abuzz that Kanye West announced that the effervescent
Kim Kardashian (who was apparently on hand with the rest of the Kardashian clan) was pregnant
(as a divorce attorney, I find it quite interesting to imagine what her divorce attorney in Califonia
will have to say about her getting pregnant before she is even divorced ( I think this gives Kris Humphries
a leg up in getting her to settle for more than she probably would have)

I sat down to play and a few hands into the shoe noticed that I would win one hand then the dealer would win one hand…
this continued for the entire shoe save for once when I lost both hands of a split and then I won the next two hands
If only I would have believed the streak would go through the entire shoe, I could have bet table minimum then
table maximum every other hand…alas, I did not have such foresight…

The next shoe was not the same as I lost 4 double downs in a 10 hands and was quickly down
However, when the dealer change came, the extra burn card provided the kick in the a** to lady
variance that was needed—
I ended the night
+400 for the trip

TIme for bed.



12/31/2012 (New Year’s Eve)

heading down to the casino floor for the first session of the day

Short session (1 shoe):

Dealer won the first three hands
Then dealer went on break, burn card, voilà, success
Got two blackjacks in a row
Some back and forth then won a few more hands

Ended a 1/2 shoe session winning $650

Trip is +1k


Afternoon session:

Well I attempted to sit at a table and the lady thereon said that if I was going to sit down then she would leave.
She asked why I wanted to sit at that table so I told her I thought the dealer ( a dealer I know named “Michael”)
was cute…she failed to see the humor and told me that she hated playing with him so I would be doing her a
favor by sitting down so she could leave. I then asked her if there were magnets holding her to the seat so
that she could not get up. Once again, the humor was lost on her (although maybe my attempts at humor were
I decided to let her stay at the table and I moved to the one next to it.
(I can only assume that she feels better about Michael now considering she turned $500 into $5,000 by the time I saw her leave)

OK, so I ended up playing at a table with 3 other gentlemen – all affable guys and we had a good time (was one of those social
tables that make the game of blackjack (beyond the gambling aspect)) fun.
The shoes, as usual, were up and down, down and up.
Finally hit a nice run of doubles and ended up +900 for the session

Trip total is now +1900


Break time and I will likely play another session or two before the Revel NYE Gala at 8pm.

Early evening session:

Soooo, I sat down, and the dealer ( a female I have played with on previous trips) asks
if I am seriously going to play with her…I looked at her inquisitively and said “Sure, why
not?” – she asked if I remembered that about a month ago (during a serious losing session)
I announced, after she beat me thoroughly, that I would never play at her table again…
I said, “Well, the past is the past, let’s start anew”…She shuffled and proceeded to rain blows down
upon me a la Frank Costanza pre-Festivus
I lost 14 hands, 4 of which were doubles and 2 of which were splits
The +1900 was no more.
Back to even for the trip….


I spotted the dealer who treated me so well earlier and thought I could change the mood by
playing with her again (not superstitious but, come on already)
Proceeded to get the 1900 back

Back in the room getting ready for the NYE party

Played a mini-session

The gentleman I played with is beyond negative but does it in a sarcastic way…
a lot of fun but I feel his negative vibes at the table…I was down $300 then he left and I quickly
gained the $300 back..then it got good and I ended the shoe +500

END OF 2012 = +2300


Revel’s NYE “Gala”




An amazing NYE party – had a table with my parents, a friend of mine, his wife and their nephew, along with a host of strangers who all conversed and had a wonderful time.


HAPPY 2013!!!


I played 1/2 shoe and saw the cards turning bad so left with another +300

Trip is +2600

Played another session with a girl and guy (the girl played while
the guy, apparently, was a “cooler” for her) basically , when he
would sit down , she would lose, then, as soon as he would leave,
she would win…
Ran up and down through four shoes, finally got a good run and
was up 600…played a double (6,5 v dealer 8) and was dealt a
6 for 17…dealer turned over a 10…last hand of the shoe dealer BJ
I decided to take a break +300 for the session

I fell asleep watching Law & Order: SVU after room

Trip +3500

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