Retro Report #11 Dec. 2012

Once again, I am declaring Revel as the place where variance went to die…

Was playing blackjack this morning – lost 3 hands in a row, pushed, then won a hand then lost 4 in a row, pushed a hand, then lost 6 in a row – down appx. $1500
Left the table
Next session – won the first hand then lost the next 5 hands, including a $300 hand that turned into an $1800 as follows:

Dealer: 5,x
Me: 6,6
hand 1: 6,4 (double) dealt 5=15
hand 2: 6,A (double) dealt 10=17
hand 3: 6,5 (double) dealt 4=15 (4 hands max on splits)
hand 4: 6,5 (double) dealt 7=18

dealer has 6
turns over 2
deals herself 2
deals herself K


now down from two sessions

Third session:

lost first 6 hands (3 hands I had 19, 1 hand I busted, 2 hands dealer pulled 21 to my 20)

now down with no relief in sight!!!


stopped at Bally’s for a mini-session before – hit for a quick $530 (would’ve been $730 had the guy at first base who stated “I always split 9’s against a 4 but, this time I will be happy just taking my money” (famous last words as we all lost to the dealer drawing to 21) LOL


Sat down and won the first two hands (dealer busted)
Third hand doubled a 9 versus a 5 and lost when I was only dealt a deuce
Went back and forth the next few hands – nothing to write home about
ended up +500 for the session


Just got utterly destroyed

In one shoe I lost 20 of 25 hands
on 13 of those 20 hands, I had 19 or better
also lost 3 doubles and 1 split


Just played for an hour got back 1k
crrrrrrrrrrrazy swings of variance


Well this weekend continued a horrific last few weeks at the tables

The following run of five consecutive hands summarizes it quite well:

Me: K,K
Dealer: 5,6,Q

Me: 10,8
Dealer: 10, 2, A, A, A, 6

Me: 10, 6, 4
Dealer: 7, 2, 3, 3, A, 5

Me: J, 10
Dealer: Blackjack

Me: J, 9
Dealer: Blackjack

After this past weekend, all winning for the year are gone – ended the year even

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