Retro Report #10 Nov. 2012

Well, here is the story of the invitational tournament – for some reason, when I play a tournament, some sort of nonsense happens – is it the tournament,,,or me?

OK – firstly, the tournament was invite only. The original number of people invited was 200 (had to qualify based on average play). When I checked in on Friday, I was informed by a tournament supervisor I am friends with that on Wednesday of this week, only 100 people had decided book a room and enter the tournament. Deciding that they wanted more business, Revel decided to considerably lower the standards by which one could be invited to the tournament. They lowered them so much that by the time the tournament was played earlier today, there were 350 people signed up. The tournament was set up so that the top 36 scores from the first round would move on to the semi-finals, where there would be 6 tables of 6, and the winner at each table would play a final table. Therefore, instead of the 36/100 chance the original invitees had to make it to the semi-finals, it was now a 36/350 chance.
I ended up missing the cut by 2 people.
the gentleman one spot ahead of me had been called and checked in and was seated at the table ready to play the semi-finals. Moments before the cards were dealt, the supervisor came over and informed him that they had accidentally called his name and there was actually 1 person ahead of him. He protested and asked to see the list – they said no and asked him to please leave the table. once he did, you could see he was in a horrible mood and asked how, after 30 minutes of their score tabulations, they could mistakenly call his name, then refuse to let him see the list. They then grudgingly offered him a $100 food credit for use this evening!!!

It was a horribly run tournament from my perspective ( I know you will say my opinion is colored by the fact I missed the final cut – but, to that, I say that, had Revel not gotten greedy and kept the invite standards where they were originally, I would have made the cut).

I do not qualify when they have the $150,000 blackjack tournament and I would never expect them to lower the standards just to have more people in the tournament, as I am sure those people with the qualification for that tournament would not want a $100table player in their midst.

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