Retro Report #9 Signs

How would you have deciphered the signs? What if you were a blackjack virgin?

I was in AC this past weekend and ventured over to Caesars AC because some friends of mine wanted to play there. They perused the tables and asked me which table had the best rules. They were looking to play at a $25min table.

Table 1 had the following sign:

“Split any pair up to three times.
Aces may be split only once and draw one card.”


Table 2 had the following sign:

“Split any pair up to three times.
Aces only draw one card.”

I told my friends to play at Table 2 as splitting any pair, which to me, included Aces, could be split up to three times.

We were discussing this while they were getting chips and the dealer piped in to inform us that Aces could only be split once. I pointed out the sign to the dealer and told him how it differed from the other sign and that a pair is a pair whether it be Aces or eights or threes or fives. The dealer informed me I was “taking the sign too literally” and that “everybody knows that Aces are only split once”
I asked for the pit boss, who came over and stated that I was “reading too much into the sign”. I informed him that at Table 1 there was a sign expressly stating that Aces could only be split once and draw one card. He became very annoyed and informed me that “Aces only draw one card” means “Aces can only be split once”. I again reiterated that, as the signs were different, one could not imply anything. He then accused me of trying to “scam the system”.

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