Retro Report #8 Labor Day 2012

Session #1:

Played 20 hands +1k


Pre-breakfast session:

sat down, the cards were washed and shuffled and I proceeded to lose the first two hands, recuperated winning the next two, then more of the same for the next two shoes…
finally, in the 4th shoe, got a small small small positive count and ran it to +$500

so, for this trip, +$1500 (still need another $1,500 to get back what I put in last week)



Post-breakfast session:

Picked up another $500 in half a shoe and then took a break for lunch – which actually ended up being a 3 hour nap as I still am a bit under the weather.


Sat down after dinner to play
up and down then lost a few hands to be down $500 BUT, the count went high based on those 5 hands lost in a row…

I put up $300 and was dealt 8,8 versus dealer upcard 5
split the 8’s and dealt another 8
three 8’s on the table at $300 each
dealt a 3 on the first hand double down got a K for a 20
dealt a 2 on the second hand double down go a 10 for a 20
dealt a 10 on the last hand for an 18

Dealer flips over a 6 for a dealer 11
dealer dealt a 3 for 14
dealer dealt an A for 15
dealer dealt an A for 16
dealer dealt YUP, you guessed it, a 5 for a 21

so, instead of being back to even I am now down $2k ($1,500 on that one hand)

You have got to be kidding me!


Ok – took a walk to clear my head
and got back in the swing of things
Win $1k and walked away – heading to bed
minus $4k for the past two weeks (-$1k for this trip)

Pre-breakfast session:

Sat down with a fun dealer and pit boss and proceeded to win the first 8 hands of the shoe
then proceeded to lose the next 8 hands
then proceeded to win the next 8 hands

+$1k for the morning

Now even for this trip and down $3k from last trip

I have been playing and playing up and down, down and up, then got utterly destroyed!!!


5 double downs with $200 up (total $400 for doubles) with 11’s versus dealer upcards of 4, 4, 4, 7, 5 where I ended up with 17, 19, 20, 20, 19 and was beaten by 1 each time

with $250 up I split 4’s against a dealer deuce 1st hand being 4,7 double down draw a 3…second hand being 4, K … you can all figure out where that went

the one highlight of each shoe was the END of the shoe!

Now down $2k for the trip (and $5k total counting last week)


in other casino news:
big wig from the Mickey Mouse company been here over a week – gets a $50k credit line each time he sits at a table…each time he switches tables means he has lost the $50k…in just the one hour I was in the high limit room last night he lost $150k (betting 3 hands at a time $2k per hand)
…this afternoon the same thing occurred
I wonder if he is up or down for the week…but his antic upon losing (i.e. kicking water bottles across the room and screaming at himself) are a sight to behold…

on the other end of the anger spectrum, guy sat down with his entourage (everyone 60years+), asked for a $100k marker, and regaled anyone within earshot with great stories and would laugh any losses away


Very bad experience at Eagles concert – was in 2nd row with my mom and dad – older, drunk, 200 pound women in first row decided they would be the star of the show and stand up, didn’t listen to security – my mom is 5′ tall with a bad hip so she couldn’t stand – lots of people arguing and fighting.

It truly tires my patience when people believe they are not a part of society – they feel they are the stars of their own show. Including the woman behind me with an “I❤ Joe Walsh” t-shirt on who, instead of listening to Joe when he sang his hits, decided a loud, primal scream would serve the audience better than to hear the band.

Played last night – got back to even, started betting into a great count and dealer got 5 blackjack’s in a row.

Got some back this morning – still have til tomorrow:)

I am staying positive.


Well I am now down $5k for this trip…
I did not win one of my double downs the entire day
I did not win one of my splits the entire day

Lady variance now wears a strap-on!  Luckily, there was a KY box by the elevator late last night though…hmmmmmm

Riding through negative variance is getting old…

I feel asleep early last night, shortly after a had $1k up in a good count, dealt an 11, double down against a dealer 4
got my double card face down, dealer turns over a 3 then a ten for a 17
my double card was a 5
good night!

Fast forward to this morning, i am refreshed and awake and ready to grab some of my chips back!!! Who’s with me!!!


OK – first session of the brand new day

Played for an hour and got $1k back
($4k til even for the trip)

Slow and steady wins the race…

Charles Barkley arrived yesterday with a $2million credit line (apparently he was taking photos and having a great time with everyone…of course, I was asleep at 8:30pm so I missed it)

Charles Barkley side note – he was refused a line of credit (based on his prior actions with Wynn in Vegas), bought in for $100k and left with $12k from the table

However, I am in a drawing today for a Range Rover (alternate prize is $50k cash) and I have 194 entries…must be present to win (9 minutes to claim prize once name is called) – I have no idea what the EV is on this as I am sure the guys with the $1mil to $2mil credit lines playing this weekend all have 100x more entries than I do LOL


Session update:

got another $500 back then hit the hottest dealer on the planet, lost $1k of the $1,500 back then climbed back with three key doubledowns

I am playing small sessions with $500 goals each time
I have $2500 out of $5k back

Highlight of the shoe was splitting 6’s against a dealer upcard 6
dealt another 6
dealt another 6

first hand: 16
second hand: 16
third hand: 14
fourth hand: 14

dealer turns over a 4 for 10, then deals himself a 5 for 15, then busts!!!

Talk about the hard way!

Was almost back to even for the trip, had a good count, started betting heavier and the walls came crashing down!!! WAY DOWN!!!

I am in quite the depressed state at the moment – although I realize losses occur and variance rules the day, it is tough doing that horrifically in a good count

I will spare you all the gory details – suffice it to say, it was a bloodbath with the casino forcing me to raise the white flag before it all was lost.

Lack of sleep and lack of eating did me in
I became my own worst enemy
I became a “gambler” and played with emotions
rather than logic

Perhaps it was a lesson I needed to learn ( having been only playing with a “slight edge” for a few years” )
the casino environment got to me – I succumbed to the excitement of being there

I endeavour to not make this mistake again and I ask for all of your tough love to make it through!  I will have to move around town in AC and try different places. I really threw myself under the bus staying way too long and getting too much involved in the social activity of “gambling” as I really was having “good time”

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