Rant/Retro Report #7 August 2012

So, one of my friends wanted to learn how to play blackjack (insert joke here about me being the last person that should be teaching her blackjack) and so we sat down at the DigiPit at Revel – I was coaching him along ( along with the computer that puts up a suggestion based on basic strategy ) and he was learning and having fun. While the waitress was there taking a drink order from me, I noticed that the “dealer” (more like an attendant) was leaning over the table talking to my friend. Upon listening closer, I realized she was telling my friend how to tip her or play a hand for her. OK – not so out of the ordinary until I heard her say that “tipping is the only way we make money here” and clearly directing my friend to begin placing bets for her. I told the dealer that it was improper for her to state that she only receives money from tips and nothing else and that we would be moving tables. She protested that she was merely explaining the tipping system. However, I asked my friend if he had inquired about the tipping system and he said no…so, therein lies the difference of someone asking about the tipping buttons on the digital screen and the dealer taking it upon herself to give someone lessons in tipping that did not ask for them and informing a new player that the dealer only gets tips and no other payment. This really annoyed me!


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