Retro Report #5 June 2012

OK – just arrived – I have $550 in free slot play – Wheel of Fortune time again!!!

Slot play update #1

Played about $130 of my $500 free slot play and BAM hit for $522 – cashed out


I just ran into a friend/acquaintance I have not seen in 2 years – just like that, out of nowhere!!! I think this will be THE weekend!!!


Final slot play update:

won another $136 on the free play

ending slots win total: +$658



Blackjack update #1

Played 1 1/2 shoes – up and down then hit a nice run in the second shoe and left to have dinner +$1k


Blackjack update session #2:

Sat down with the same dealer I won’t the $1k with earlier – the winning definitely ceased IMMEDIATELY and I lost $1k back in 3/4 of a shoe (7 blackjacks for the dealer and only one for me) – switched tables, lost $500 on 5 hands and left the table
deep breaths, begin playing with a super friendly dealer, an older asian gentleman named kevin who was easily distracted by the short skirts walking by (which we teased him about and he was certainly in on the laughter) – won $500 back from him – then Katie came in and did not appreciate my perverted, sarcastic sense of humor – although she did give me $200 over the 2 shoes she was there for as relief – upon big Kevin’s return, I won back another $300

so, total for this trip is still positive


Blackjack update #3

Played in the Revel Ultralounge area (although I was unable to play in there last night as they had 1/2 of the tables with “RESERVED” sign on them – which stayed empty for at least 3 hours)

Started off pretty good – won three hands in a row then, the dealer had his turn, winning 5 in row, it was pretty much back and forth like that for 4 shoes – then, in shoe number five, I started off with e 20 against dealer 10 – dealer flips over an ACE (damn) – next hand I had a 19 , dealer had 3 showing, turns over 10 for 13, flips himself an 8- uh oh – this shoe is getting bad fast – next hand I had a 17 (ughhhh) – dealer has 2 showing, flips over a 3, deals himself a 4, then a 2, then a 2, then a 3, then a 5 (21 AGAIN) – but, the count (although only a few hands in – was nice) – I doubled my bet to $200 and proceed to win the next 6 hands – getting back to where I started when I sat down

Still slightly ahead


I am about to play in Revel’s first ever invitational Digi-blackjack tournament ($10k to the winner and then I think the top 10 finishers get paid as well), then, dinner with my parents who are in AC as well at another hotel, then ye olde blackjack tables again!!!



Blackjack tournament 1st round:

Ok I did not know how to play the digital blackjack – you still do hand signals and a dealer presses a button- I had $16800 going into last hand and they finally announced what others at table had since we couldnt really read one anothers ipad type screens – so my only competition had $17700 and he bet $2500 – i bet $3500 so if we both won I would win by $100 – hoowever he then bet more – I asked the pit boss if we couldchange our bets after the button and he surprisingly said yes – so I went ALL IN – dealt a soft 18 versus dealer face card – I hit an got the 3
Bam 21
dealer has 20
I won the table and move into semi-finals at 4pm

At the semi-finals I was able to grab the chip lead and never look back – felt good to continually get winning hands for a change – FINALS starting posthaste.

The final table was tough – but top prize being $10,000, I did not expect it to be easy. Six of us began with our chips and basically traded the leads with each other until the 7th hand when one guy bet half his stack and was dealt a King King versus dealer 6 — he went for it and split the Kings, being dealt a 7 and 7 on both – the dealer turned over an Ace for a soft 17 and proceeded to hit and draw another Ace for 18. There were five of us left now and over the next few hands, it became clear that the winner would be the girl to the left of me or me. We both adjusted our bets as the button dictated and, on the last hand, we were even. Everyone went all in on the last hand, hoping for a winner for themselves and a loser for everyone else. However, it was not to be for me…although the dealer busted, giving everyone a win at the table, the girl to my left was dealt a blackjack and, thusly, ended up narrowly beating me out for first place. Nothing wrong with second place as the prize money was quite nice!

I relaxed, had a frozen margarita and enjoyed socializing while watching the dancing girls in the party pit the rest of the trip.

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