Retro Report #4 June 2012

OK – this is my “I’m back baby!!!” trip to AC – I have $500 free slot play (which perhaps can help me get back on the right track) and I plan on putting a dent in the losses I’ve accumulated the past 3 trips here to the REVEL – 4th times the charm – right!!!

Turned the $500 FSP into $1024 WOOHOO!

Blackjack update #1:

I played two shoes – was back and forth then got up $600 and put $200 up as I had a good count – of course pair of 7’s against a 4 so i split get a 3 on first hand double down get a 6 so i stay then get a 10 for 17 on second – dealer flips over another 4 then gets a 10 for 18 so the 600 i was up was gone so i left that session even


amusing and disturbing sightings:

it seems the ladies of the evening have discovered Revel – got to love the Daisy Dukes with lucite stripper heels

2 co-eds approached me as I was playing the slots earlier with the “our wallets were stolen on the beach” and could I spare a few dollars for them to take the bus lol

disturbing sight was a pregnant woman drinking a glass of wine with her husband and
friends – just lovely


Blackjack update #2:

had a great dinner at an Italian place called Lugo (spaghetti and chicken parm for those interested)

back to blackjack
sat down and won the first 5 hands at $100 each then lost 3 hands then finally hit a double down with $150 up – then a blackjack with $200 up against a dealer ACE and of course I declined insurance – BAM – nobody home
aceofspades finished the shoe +$1k


Took a break from the gambling to party with a couple of NY Giants my host introduced me to – great for networking!


Blackjack update #3 the downturn

played at table 1 lost 3 in a row then got up

played at table 2 lost 3 in a row then got up

played at table 3 lost 3 in a row then got up

played at table 4 lost 3 in a row then got up


Blackjack update #4

went into high limit room – lost 5 hands then won 2 then played up and down for two shoes where I was overall even – put up $100 bet got a pair of 8’s versus dealer upcard 5 – split the 8’s got another 8 split it to another 8 so now had four hands with 8’s – got dealt a 2 on first one double down got a 9…got dealt a 3 on second one double down got a Queen…got another 3 on third one double down dealt a 6…last 8 got another 2 for double down got dealt a 5

at this point my heart is beating faster and faster – I jokingly asked if anyone had nitroglycerin and the pit boss actually did

ok dealer has 5 showing turns over a 6 (DAMN!) – pulls a 4 (ok 15 now where I thought she would have been in the first place) – her next card turned excruciatingly slow and BAM – a 9 for a BUST!!!

Back to even for the trip


Blackjack update #5 started even for the trip

played with a delightful dealer named Mary who repeatedly killed me on my double downs (including pushing me twice with 21) – and her getting 5 blackjacks to
my none — end of shoe one I was -$700
pressing onward to shoe #2
I started out with 5 winning hands in a row – 2 of whch were double down worthy but at this point I was playing with “scared money” and did not double down – of course I would have won those hands but c’est la vie

end of session huge comeback +$1100

I’m back baby!


Final blackjack update:

Had some dinner and then hit the tables – $100minimum – full table – started off strong winning the first three hands then unceremoniously lost the next four after that – up and down, down and up through 2 shoes – guy playing centerfield cashes out mid-shoe (no biggie) – I finally get a blackjack then whoooooooaaaaaa a second blackjack back to back leaving my chips in the circle – up and down the next few hands then BAM – 5 hands in a row including 2 double downs, cut card comes out – aceofspades checks his chips :drum roll:

end of trip +$2200

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