Retro Report #3 Memorial Day 2012

Worst sessions of my life in any casino anywhere in the world. (edit: or so I thought, wait until you read some other Retro Reports)



Session 1
Table 1 – lost first 10 hands
Table 2 – lost first 10 hands
Table 3 – lost first 10 hands
for those of you playing at home – yes 30 hands in a row NO LIE!!!
total down $3k

(30 hands in a row – yes – I actually asked the pit boss for a copy of the tape so I could throw it up on YouTube and, of course, I was met with a huuuuuge “NO WAY!”)

went to lunch

Session 2
Table 1 – up and down for about 3 shoes (down $400)
Table 2 – (friend of mine was dealing) – (down another $1,400)
pit boss acquaintance I affectionately termed “the mush” came in – I immediately lost 4 hands – she then took a bathroom break and I immediately got a blackjack (I am trying to find some humor in this story)

running total down $4,800

walked on the boardwalk to clear my head

Session 3
Table 1 – dealer began the shoe with 3 straight blackjacks (up and down and then doooooooown $2,500)
Table 2 – down about $300 and count went good for me (FOR ONCE LOL) – put up $500 got a k,k against dealer 7 (dealer flips a 7 and then yup, triple 7), $500 up again 9,5 against dealer 4 (dealer flips 10 then hits 3), $500 got a 5,5 against dealer 5 – I double down and get an 8 (dealer flips ANOTHER 5 then gets a 9) WTF!!!

running total down $9,300

had dinner with friends who could not believe the dealers refused to bust

now, at this point, EMOTIONS got high for me and I admit I stopped counting, I stopped caring and I played on adrenaline – which , in the end, was my demise

Session 4
Table 1 – $500 per hand lost first 5 hands
Table 2 – $1,000 per hand up and down dealer then me then dealer then me – then I caught a double down and LOST – eventually, ended up watching a magical dealer pull 2,3,4,5 or 6 – whatever was necessary to beat my hand by one
(Psychology of losing streaks: My cousin and I spoke about this on the drive home – he said he is the same way – if he had lost $1,000 and won $999 back, he would continue to play until he was all the way back to $1,000 – I agreed with him – something does happen psychologically to gamblers on a bad losing streak – I throw caution (and money) to the wind

I suppose my saving grace LOL is that my host had me in a suite for a few nights, got all my meals comped – and I am now in a suite for Memorial Day weekend comped three nights plus 2 tix to Beyonce’s Saturday night grand opening show LOL)

Does all that equal what I lost – NOPE – but it is nice.
$200 per bet

lost 6 out of 8 hands
switched tables
lost 7 hands in a row
switched tables
lost 6 hands in a row

Am I crazy or have I run into a casino where the rules of math and variance are thrown out the window?

Finally arrived home today from Revel – saw two people get barred FOR LIFE – the first because, after losing (wow losing at Revel – what a shock) he threw a full beer bottle at the wall , the second, because after losing $150,000 – a player yelled the C-word (he was yelling at the cards but the female dealer claimed he was speaking to her) (my host is this guy’s host and apparently he is a big player trying Revel for the first time after selling his computer company for $30million – however, he is now barred for life)

In my 4 days at Revel, I talked to many people – from low limit to high limit and I did not meet one person who as winning – they all had, like I did, stories of inexplicable streaks of anywhere from 12-22 straight losses (yes LOSSES – no pushes) – these streaks would continue from shoe to shoe, table to table, or even within the same shoe – rumors abounded of Revel cheating (I realize they are 99.9999999% NOT cheating but, even a rumor thereof from a multiple of people could be bad for business)

I am in the throes of hating the gambling lifestyle ( as we all do after a protracted losing streak) – any words of sympathy for me?

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