Retro #1 April 2012

I am going to post some old trip report stories under the “Retro” tag.  Although this first retro “trip report” does not deal with an entire trip – it deals with an interesting situation regarding one hand – what would you have done?  Let’s all hop into the time machine…

So I was playing a while back in Atlantic City and had $300 bet up 6deck, S17, DAS – not that that matters but – two other players at table – I had been dealt a 10,Q facing a dealer upcard of 3…dealer turns over a 10 for 13 total and, as he draws the card from the shoe, he slips and the card tumbles over the chips and off the table. The pit boss comes over and picks the card up for him and flips it over onto the table for him – the card was an 8 (naturally) and dealer gets a 21 – the people at the table protested that the card left the table and should have been discarded (I am not sure we would have protested if it was a bust card) but, shouldn’t that be the players’ choice at that point, when a card leaves the table??? The pit boss told me I was out of my mind, called over the floor manager, who basically thought I was joking about having the card discarded – needless to say I left the table in an annoyed mood.

I have played in Vegas where this exact thing has happened and the pit boss gave the table the option of withdrawing their hand or staying in. It just surprised me that they would cause people to leave the table who were betting anywhere from $300(me) to $2500(high roller who was at first base) – we both left the table after that. Right or wrong – there is a customer service aspect to it they should have respected…and my casino host certainly let them have an earful when she asked them why she saw me angrily leaving the table…


What would you have done?

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